3 Work at Home Jobs that Aren’t Scams

Finding legitimate work at home jobs can be a real challenge. There are many places out there that says that you can work at home but you have to pay for their material upfront, once you get their material then you find out it’s not really real job. But there are some places that are legitimate work at home jobs. Each job has their own requirements, such as having broadband cable and a dedicated telephone line but they do pay you weekly or monthly and there is no fee to get these jobs. Several of my friends do work with these companies and have been for over a year so these are genuine places that you may want to check out if you are looking for a work at home job.

West – This is a work at home job where you take customer service calls. They have flexible hours that you can sign up for and work in 1 hour increments. You can split up your hours as your needs change. Each week you can have different hours. The job my friend does is answer the phones and takes orders for a television shopping show but they do have different positions.

GE – GE has a work at home program where you do customer service from home. With this position you need to have a dedicated phone line, and computer. I don’t know if they hire in every state because she had to go onsite for training and they don’t have operations everywhere for this. But this is still one place to check out.

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Voicelog – Voicelog does Third Party Verification. What that means is when you change companies for your phone service and want to keep your same phone number you have to have a Third Party Verification done, they have certain questions they will ask you to make sure that you are aware that your number is being transferred. This is an easy job to do the Third Party Verification with customers. When a phone company is finished taking the order for the customer the customer service agent there will then transfer to Voicelog or to a similar Third Party Verification processor. There are usually less than 10 questions that they have to answer. They do hire work at home employees to take these calls.

These are three places that you can apply to and get a work from home job. While most of these are not fulltime, the savings that you will save by not paying a daycare or the high gas prices may help you meet your expenses only working part time.