30 Best Date Night Movies Guys Will LOVE

Are you looking for a good Date Night movie that you will enjoy but Guys will “LOVE“? Here is a list of recent movies to help with your selection:

1.”The Princess Bride” – The romantic story of a prince rescuing his princess with tons of sword fighting and action.

2.”Stardust” – A movie based in a fantasy land where a boy trying to impress a girl by capturing a star which is in the form of a girl.

3.”The Proposal” – A Funny movie in which an assistant is forced to get engaged with his boss so that she can avoid be deported.

4.”The Hangover” movies – A funny set of movies based on a group of guys getting drugged the night before a wedding and not remembering anything the very next day.

5.”Bridesmaids” – Another funny movie based on 2 best friends and one is getting married, while the other one is still trying to find herself.

6.”Harry Potter” series – A mystical series filled with magic, suspense, you love, and adventure.

7.”The Change Up” – 2 drunken friends peeing in a fountain wish to change their life for their friends. The very next day they find that their wish had come true

8.”Bad Teacher” – An unmotivated teacher gets dumped by her wealthy fiancĂ© and is forced to go back to teaching.

9.”Horrible Bosses” – A comedy in which 3 guys have 3 bad bosses and discuss killing each one.

10.”The Amazing Spiderman” – Peter Parker with his love interest by his side Gwen Stacey becomes Spiderman and must protect the city from the Lizard.

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11.”Forgetting Sarah Marshall” -A guy gets dumped by his famous girlfriend, then accidently runs into her and her new boyfriend on vacation.

12.”Real Steel” – A man and his son takes a beaten up robot and pits him against some of the best robot boxers in the world.

13.”Twilightmovies – A girl falls in love with a vampire at her high school in this action packed drama.

14.”There’s Something About Mary” – A funny movie in which multiple guys fight over the change to be with Mary.

15.”Battleship” – A guy wins the heart of the captain’s daughter, but then Aliens from another planet ruin all the fun and tries to take over the world.

16.”Meet the Parents” – Greg wants to propose to his girlfriend but must meet her parents first.

17.”Hitch” – A fun movie of a guy whose job is to make it easier for men to meet women.

18.”The Cutting Edge” – This is a fun pair skating movie in which the partners are constantly butting heads.

19.”Oz: The Great and Powerful” – A new movie coming out based on the story of how the wizard came to be in OZ.

20.”Friends With Benefits“- 2 friends that try to not have sex ruin their friendship.

21.”Captain America” – A tiny man is turned into one of the best superheroes of all time.

22.”Ghosts of Girlfriends Past” – A man is haunted by his past girlfriends.

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23.”Pirates of the Caribbean” – Follow Captain Jack Sparrow in this action adventure movie based on pirates and the supernatural.

24.”Snow White and the Huntsman” – Take your familiar story of Snow White and turn it up a notch.

25.”I am Number Four” – An alien from another world in human form must run away from an evil threat sent to harm him and the others.

26.”Mr. and Mrs. Smith” – 2 assassins that are married are unaware of each other’s occupation.

27.”Just Go with it” – A plastic surgeon convinces his assistant to pose has his ex as he tries to cover a series of lies that he has told his girlfriend.

28.”John Carter” – A man is sent to Mars by mistake and gets involved with a princess as well as a war that’s been going on for many years.

29.”17 Again” – A man is turned into a 17 year old and gets to relive his life over again as well as get his family back together.

30.”This Means War” – 2 spies fight over the same girl without her knowing.