30 Cleaning Tips Using Wonder Home Cleaner Vinegar

Every day people are finding uses for vinegar that are simply amazing. Vinegar is being used as a health product, a beauty product, for garden and yard, for pets, a food and cooking product and of course a wonder cleaning product. Of all these uses for vinegar the range of its use as a cleaning product is simply amazing. Here are 30 amazing cleaning tips using vinegar as one of the best general household cleaning products.

1. Use for cleaning your washing machine

To remove the scum and to clear the hoses just run a gallon of distilled vinegar in the washing machine and it gets cleaned thoroughly, the scum is removed and the hoses are cleared out. To make a thorough job of it you need to run the machine empty during the warm water wash cycle and during the rinse cycle you have to add vinegar. It does a better job then many commercial cleaning products.

2. Use as a car cleaner

You can polish the chrome parts of your car and give them a beautiful shine by cleaning the surfaces with a clean clothed dipped in undiluted vinegar. You can use it to clean the windshield and windows of your car as well.

3. Use as a drinking glass cleaner.

To clean drinking glasses that have become cloudy, soak the glasses for a few hours in warm white vinegar. After a few hours just wipe the drinking glasses, rinse and then dry them. To remove spots from glassware and crystals simply wipe the surface with a clean vinegar soaked cloth and enjoy their sparkle. These cleaning tips will save you a lot of money.

4. Use as a Glass and mirror cleaner.

You can clean glasses and mirrors by spraying them with water diluted or full strength vinegar. Then simply wipe the sprayed surfaces clean with crumpled old newspaper and see them sparkle. It can’t get easier than this.

5. Use in place of drain cleaners.

For unclogging drains in the home pour boiling vinegar down the drains and they will become unclogged within a few moments. No need to spend money on commercial drain cleaning products.

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6. Use as furniture polish.

You can make a very good furniture polish by using a mixture of one part vinegar and three parts olive oil or lemon oil.

7. Use as steam iron cleaner.

Vinegar makes a very good steam iron cleaner. Just pour a little vinegar in the water in the water holder and allow it to steam itself clean. After it is done just flush the water holder with water.

8. Use as paintbrush cleaner.

To clean your paint brushes just let them simmer in undiluted vinegar and then wash the brushes with hot soap water.

9. Use for washing walls.

You can wipe the walls with a water vinegar mixture. This will clean the walls as well as remove any odors from the surfaces.

10. Use for removing stickers and price tags.

To remove price tags and stickers paint over them several times with vinegar until they get soaked. Mostly they will slide off but in a few cases it may require a little bit of hard rubbing.

11. Use for cleaning jars.

After some uses jars become stained and may give off odors. To remove stains from jars as well as deodorize them simply clean them with vinegar.

12. Use as a lunchbox cleaner.

Old lunchboxes get stained and give off odors after some use which can be easily remedied. This can be easily done buy soaking a piece of bread in vinegar and leaving it inside the lunchbox overnight.

13. Use for deodorizing garbage disposal .

Vinegar can be successfully used for getting rid of unpleasant odors from garbage disposals. Make some ice cubes from vinegar and put them down the garbage disposal and then simply run cold water through it.

14. Use as a dishwasher cleaner.

Soap builds up in the glassware and inner mechanisms of dishwashers. To reduce this you can just run a cup of vinegar through the whole washing cycle. Again no need for specialized cleaning products.

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15. Use as a teapot cleaner.

This is easily accomplished by boiling a vinegar water mixture in the tea pot and then wiping away the grime.

16. Use for cleaning eyeglasses.

Use a drop of vinegar on each glass to wipe it off.

17. Use for removing stains from furniture and upholstery.

Stubborn stains can be easily removed from furniture fabrics and upholstery by applying white vinegar on the stain and then washing as per the manufacturer’s instructions or as usual.

18. Use for cleaning microwaves.

To remove any splattered food and to deodorize the inside simply boil a mixture of 1/4 cup vinegar and and one cup water inside the microwave.

19. Use as toilet cleaner.

Pour a cup of white vinegar on the inside surface of the toilet bowl, let it stand for 5 minutes and then flush it.

20. Use as air deodorizer or room freshener..

Spray vinegar inside the room as you wood spray other room fresheners It removes any unpleasant odors.

21. Use as a rust remover.

To remove rust from tools or other parts soak them in undiluted white vinegar and leave them overnight. Then wipe them off.

22. Use for removing smoke smells from clothes.

This is easily done by pouring a cup of vinegar in a hot water tub and hanging the clothes above the tub to absorb the steam.

23. For brightening fabrics and remove lint from laundry

To your washing machine’s rinse cycle add half a cup of vinegar and it will accomplish these jobs automatically.

24. For removing perspiration stains from clothes.

To remove perspiration stains from clothes apply a mixture of one part vinegar and four parts water on the pot and then rinse after rubbing slightly if necessary

25. Use as a sanitizer.

For sanitizing and cleaning kitchen counters, stoves, bathroom and other surfaces inside the home wipe with a cloth soaked with vinegar. This is a good natural substitute for antibacterial cleaning products available in the market. Moreover it is friendly to the environment and your loved ones. This is one of the important green cleaning tips.

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26. Use for removing grease from suede.

Removing grease from suede can be quite tedious. This is easily done by dipping a toothbrush in vinegar and gently brushing over the grease spot.

27. Use for cleaning tea and coffee stains from chinaware.

Use a mixture of salt and and vinegar to remove tea and coffee stains from chinaware. Salt and vinegar are useful for cleaning metals such as brass and pewter as well.

28. Use for cleaning coffee makers and coffeepots.

In automatic drip coffee makers mineral deposits form after some use. Vinegar can be used to remove these deposits. Filling the reservoir with vinegar and running it through a brewing cycle will accomplish this easily. After the brewing cycle is over rinse thoroughly with clean water.

29. Use for removing smoke stains from walls.

Smoke and nicotine stains from walls can be easily removed before painting them. You should use vinegar in hot water and wipe with a clean cloth soaked in it. This is useful because, if the nicotine is not removed, it will bleed through the paint and leave an ugly spot. This is one of the very useful cleaning tips if your are planning to paint your walls.

30. Use as a fabric softener.

Use a mixture of one part vinegar and two parts water in your fabric softener dispenser. Your clothes will come out odor free and soft.

Finally a note of warning. Vinegar may damage some types of surface finishes. So before trying to clean a new type of finish that you are not familiar with, please read cleaning instructions or test it over a small area first.