300: The Spartan Workout

Frank Millers blockbuster hit 300 is an epic movie portraying a heroic Spartan battle where 300 men battled against a million in order to stand against an evil empire led by an evil King Xerxes who threatened to take over their beloved home, forcing their free people to become slaves to the empire. It is a well written, well directed story of honor, passion, fearlessness, sacrifice, betrayal, and bloodshed. It has all of the makings of an epic movie. The movie was so breathtaking visually with the contrast of colors red, black, white, against earth, sky.

It literally drew audiences in to the epic battle. One element that added to the breathtaking beauty of the movie was the magnificent physiques of the 300 Spartan soldiers. Not only were women drooling over the eight pack abs and the lean strong muscles , but there were sure to be many male onlookers in the audience drooling in the audience as well. Now everyone wants to know how the actors did it. Men everywhere want to know what workouts and training the actors endured in order to achieve their truly amazing physiques.

The new Blockbuster movie 300 has set a new standard for mens physiques everywhere. Being built like a Spartan is no easy feat. The hard work and dedication definitely shows on screen through a wonderful display of “eye candy”. The Spartans truly raised the bar for men everywhere. The actors did not undergo a normal bodybuilding program. The 300 workout did include a regimen with exactly 300 repetitions that combined gymnastics training, weight training, and endurance/speed training. According to the trainer Matt Twight , half of the cast and crew completed the 300 training program. The 300 training program consists of the following exercises completed over a six month period.

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The grueling program was designed to help the actors achieve the most realistic build that a Spartan soldier would have. They wanted the men to look as realistic as possible by giving them a statuesque Spartan physique. It is evident that these results were achieved after watching the movie. My mouth nearly dropped to the floor in the opening scene. In fact, I think it actually did drop an inch or two. If you want to achieve a Spartan build this is the workout you will need to do. The goal is to begin with 100 repetitions of each set of training. The ultimate goal is to increase speed and endurance with each training session, eventually being able to complete the 300 repetitions accurately, focused, and quickly. If you want to see the men in action, actually training for the movie…be sure to check out the video on YOUTUBE. You will be amazed at the strength and agility displayed in the videos. It is truly awesome to see the human form working to its fullest potential.

“300” Spartan Workout
25x Pull-up +( on a bar to chest height)
50x Deadlift @ 135 lb weight +
50x Push-up +
50x Box Jump @ 24 “h box +
50x Floor Wiper @ 135lb weight(one-count) +
50x KB Clean and Press @ 36# (KB-a weighted ball that must touch floor between reps) +
25x Pull-up
300 reps total

Each exercise was timed and supervised by the professional trainers. They key to the exercises was not letting the body get used to doing the same routine twice. Every workout was different in the order, and manner it was performed. Some of the training included flipping large tractor tires and jumping into them as they hit the ground and back out, only to return to the front and flip it again. Some of the exercises were performed on a bunge cable tied around the actors waist and then with resistance they had to run out to a spot of the floor and touch a spot. Each time the spot would be placed further and further away. The actors never completed the same workout twice. Each repetition was evaluated and counted for quality and form. Each workout was timed and the next workout needed to be performed more quickly.

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Each workout progressively was done in a quicker time frame to really challenge the body. The actors found themselves being pushed to the limits physically and mentally. All of this was done in preparation so that they would have no self confidence issues when performing the epic battle scenes in the scantily clad armor. The main character, Gerard Butler, who plays King Leonidis also underwent spear and sword training. His days consisted of over six hours of physical training. After the training was completed, the actor stated that he did not step into a gym for eight months. In fact he said he couldn’t even think about going to the gym because he had been through such a grueling exercise regimen, living in for six months straight. Now Gerard feels that he is much more knowledgeable about nutrition and weight training and currently still has a six pack set of abs. The moral of the story is…if you want to be built like a Spartan, you better be able to follow the program religiously. The actors in the movie 300, have proven that it can be done. I bet as they were going through these insane workouts...Spartans…tonight we workout in Hell. If you’ve seen the movieyou’ll catch my meaning.