31 Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Many couples these days are opting to do something a little more creative for their wedding guestbook. Instead of the traditional lined paper guestbook that people sign there names in, guests are asked to sign there names on something a little more unique. Check out these 37 cool wedding guestbook ideas. I have created a Pinterest board to help you visualize the idea and see how other people have brought these ideas to life.

  1. A Polaroid message guestbook would be a lot of fun for the guests to interact with. Frame a large blackboard and ask your guests to take a Polaroid photo of them and post the photo to the board and write a message.
  2. Ask your guests to write a message on a piece of paper and roll it up and place in a bottle. This message in a bottle guestbook would be great for a beach or nautical themed wedding. It would also make a great conversation piece for your home.
  3. A birthday calendar guestbook serves as a dual purpose. Ask your guests to sign their name to the date of their birth on the calendar. This also lets the couple know when everyone’s birthdays are and they can send a nice card to their guests on their birthday with an additional thank you for being a part of their lives.
  4. Ask your guests to sign some nice stones and keep them in a jar as an artistic display in the couples home or us them in a rock garden.
  5. Having your guests sign Christmas ornaments is a festive addition to a Christmas or winter wedding. These ornaments will be used to decorate the couples’s tree as they celebrate their first Christmas together as a married couple.
  6. Guests could sign large Champaign bottles and the happy couple could crack a bottle open on their upcoming anniversaries. What would even be nicer is to save the Champaign bottles for a milestone like their 10-year anniversary and share these bottles with some of the guests that originally signed them at their 10-anniversary party.
  7. Large monogram letters would make a great guestbook that could be hung in the couples home as a piece of art for one of their rooms.
  8. Plates are another idea that could be signed by guests and hung as an artistic display in their home.
  9. Paper butterflies punched out of paper can be signed and framed to make a really pretty piece of artwork. Be creative with the type of paper you use. I would highly recommend using scrapbook paper because the papers are typically treated so they do not fade. However, if you want to use something like old sheet music you can purchase a can of archival spray that you can spray your papers with so that they will last for years to come. Also be creative with the shape. You do not have to use a butterflies, any shape that would look great framed in your home would be perfect.
  10. Guests could take photos of them with a Polaroid camera and place them in an already made scrapbook with a message to the happy couple. This is really awesome because at the end of the day you have a completed Polaroid photo scrapbook and the bride and groom didn’t have to do a thing to it. Keep the cover blank and later add a photo of the couple in their wedding attire or the wedding party or you could use an engagement photo as the cover.
  11. Advise cards are fun for the guests to fill out as an alternative to a guestbook. These cards could be stored in a wide variety of boxes and containers. The advice could be serious or funny. A nice way for each guest to give the bride and groom a personal message.
  12. Balloon picture is another really fun idea. A framed photo of a bride and groom holding a large number of balloons in which each guest will sign. Makes for a great piece to hang in their home.
  13. Asking your guests to sign quilting squares or completed quilt is a really unique idea. This quilt would look great in the new couples home.
  14. A globe that the guests could sign is another piece that would look great in a den or man cave. For those jet-setting couples this could be a fun addition to a travel themed wedding.
  15. Wine corks signed by guests are a creative idea that could be stored in a really beautiful glass jar. Could be beautifully displayed in a Tuscan themed kitchen or a rustic room.
  16. A guestbook tree is a cute idea where guests hang cards they sign with messages on them.
  17. Large engagement or wedding photo would be a beautiful piece to have your guests sign and could be hung in a great room or family room of the couples home.
  18. Having an engagement scrapbook made with lots of extra room for signatures and messages would be another awesome guestbook idea.
  19. Wine bottles signed by guests can be set aside to be cracked open on the couples 1st, 5th, 10th, etc. anniversary.
  20. A monogrammed canvas board would be another awesome piece guests could sign and could later hang in the couples’ home.
  21. Guests could sign ceramic tiles that could be used in the home on walls, decorative pieces or furniture.
  22. I loved this peacock picture I saw on Pinterest where the guests sign the feathers of the bird. It would be really beautiful for a peacock themed wedding.
  23. A video guestbook is really fun for the guests and the bride and groom. This is fun for the couple to actually see their guests give them a message. Something they will cherish forever!
  24. A piece of art on canvas that might go with the theme of a room in their home would be a nice piece to have everyone sign.
  25. A guest blog is another fun high-tech idea. A computer can be set up for the guests to jump on and leave a message. The fun part about this is that everyone can check out the blog and see what other wrote!
  26. Postcards signed by guests are a great idea for those designation weddings. Purchase post cards that have photos of area attractions and landmarks of the place the wedding is held. Ask guests to sign them with a message or advice. This would also be a nice idea for those couples that plan or would like to travel together. You could have postcards of places the couple has been or would like to visit together. These photo postcards would look beautiful compiled in a scrapbook.
  27. Another unique idea is to have a large butcher block, bar or counter top signed by guests to be installed in the couples home.
  28. A blank journal book would be a really nice idea for those that would like their guests to leave them messages and advice. This would look great as a personal coffee table book for the couple.
  29. Vinyl records are becoming more and more like a pieces of art. Ask guests to sign records and hang them in an artistic way on a wall of the couples home. Great for those couples with a passion for music.
  30. Having guests sign a guitar is a really cool idea. This could be displayed on a wall or nestled in the corner of a home.
  31. Large wooden music notes (monogrammed letters or letters the spell out a word) signed by guests would make a cool wall accent for any room.