35 Funny Sports Comedy Movies

Are you in the mood for a funny sports movie? Here is a list of some of the funniest sport comedy movies of all time.

1. “Caddy Shack” – A country club has to deal with an over the top new member and a gopher.

2. “Happy Gilmore” -A hockey player turns into to golfer to save his grannies house.

3. “Major League” – A team put together of misfits in order to have a poor season.

4. “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” – An all-star racer has to get his confidence back after a wreck.

5. “The Replacements” – The league goes on strike and has to replace it’s teams roster with replacement athletes.

6. “The Bad News Bears” – A former minor league coach takes money to coach a little league team of misfits.

7. “Dodge ball: A True underdog Story” – A gym and its members for a dodge ball team in order save their gym.

8. “Bull Durham” – A veteran catcher is assigned to teach the new star rookie, and a team groupie gets in between both players.

9. “Kingpin” – A former bowling star who lost his hand, tries to ride the coat tails of an up an comer.

10. “The Mighty ducks” -A former kid hockey star takes on coaching the worst team in the league, then turns them around and faces his old team.

11. “Slap Shot” – A losing hockey team finds success in fighting.

12. “Bring it on” series – A popular hit of cheerleading movies in which cheerleading teams battle it out on the cheer floor.

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13. “Cool Runnings” – A group of runners from Jamaica form a bobsled team.

14. “Blades of Glory” – 2 competitive men’s figure skaters form a pairs team after being banned from their sport.

15. “Little Giants” – The Giants are formed from the kids that did not make the Cowboys team.

16. “D2: The Mighty Ducks” – The ducks return for the world championships.

17. “The Longest Yard” – Prisoners play football against the guards.

18. “D3: The Mighty Ducks” -The Ducks get accepted to a private school and battles the Varsity.

19. “Semi-pro” – The tropics are left out of the NBA merger.

20. “Necessary Roughness” – Members of the football team are replaced by members of the student body.

21. “She’s the Man” – When her teams gets cut, she dresses as a boy and plays soccer at a boy’s school.

22. “The Game Plan” – The star quarterback finds out that he has a daughter.

23. “The Tooth Fairy” – The fiery hockey player known as the “Tooth Fairy” has to server sentence as a Tooth Fairy.

24. “Leatherheads” – The beginning years of the professional football league loses its sponsor and drafts a college sports sensation.

25. “The Sandlot” -A group of kids spend their summer days on the sandlot.

26. “Major League 2” – The team is back challenging for the championship.

27. “Baseketball” – Two guys invent a new game that combines baseball and basketball.
28. “Nacho Libre” – A monk follows his dream of becoming a professional wrestler.

29. “The Benchwarmers” – 3 guys who were picked on when they were younger form a team to go against bullying little league teams.

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30. “The Ringer” – A guy wants to rig the special Olympics to help erase his debt.

31. “Kicking and Screaming” – Phil becomes a soccer coach and takes on his competitive dad’s team.

32. “Caddy Shack 2” – A denied member buys the club and turns it into an amusement park.

33. “Beerfest” – Teams playing beer games.

34. “Balls of Fury”Ping pong comedy.

35.”Major League 3″ – Back to the Minors.