365 Fitness – Best Gym in Conway, Arkansas

365 Fitness
404 S. Harkrider St.
Conway, AR 72032

Conveniently located less than 1 mile off of the highway for easy access. They are open 365 days a year, 24/7 and staffed 40 hours a week with fingerprint access after hours. They have a very friendly staff that are not your typical robotic gym staff. They make conversation and are good encouragement and really want to help. I like it because it has a friendly ‘small gym’ atmosphere, yet they have the most equipment out of all the other gyms in Conway, Arkansas. When I came in for the first time, they immediately had someone come out and give me a tour of the gym and the equipment and gave me an overview of the membership. Also one of the cheapest in town, and the most equipment for the price.

Equipment. When I first moved to Conway, I checked out all the local gyms with 3 things in mind: Friendly staff, Atmosphere, and most equipment. When I came into 365 Fitness I checked all three. They have about a dozen programmable treadmills, a dozen bicycles, and a dozen ellipticals. They have a giant free weights room with everything you could ever need. More machines then I can count and a lot I have never seen before that work muscles I didn’t know I even had. Honestly. Also 365 Fitness has more than one of the same machine, so if you are doing circuit training or want to keep the blood flowing you don’t have to wait for the person in front of you to get done his set.

Personal Trainers, This appeals to a lot of the new people that come in. Once you get a membership you get a free session with one of our personal trainers that will help you with what YOU want to work on. I’ve been to other gyms where personal trainers will take everyone and put them on some super commando workout no matter what level your fitness is. They are all certified and very people friendly, not intimidating meat heads that plague chain-gyms. Definitely capitalize on that when you sign up.

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Programs, I’m not much of a group exercise person, but they offer a lot of classes all during the day and night from cardio kickboxing, Bodypump, Zumba, and Judo for adult and kids, all in the aerobics room, which is very nice and private I might add. They also have tanning beds, locker rooms with showers, and a day care. They have multiple membership options; I went with the one year contract. Most people go with the month to month contract. You can pay cash at the front desk, or set up a auto draft. Miss it by a couple days, don’t worry about. Just explain what happened with the front desk and they will take care of it.

Sources: Member for 11 Months.