4 Cheap and Clever Ways to Increase Your Property Value This Spring

Ah, spring. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and “For Sale” signs are starting to pop up in the front lawns of homes all across the country. It’s real estate season in America, and if you’re one of the millions of homeowners who will be trying to sell their house this year, this means it’s time to start thinking about property value.

If you want to squeeze as much money as possible out of your home, you need to invest in projects that will make it seem more appealing and valuable to potential buyers. Even little things like repainting the living room can bring in huge returns when it comes time to entertain offers. With warm weather on the way, now is the perfect time to get started. For example, here are four clever and cost-effective ways you can increase your home’s property value this season.

1) Install Energy-Efficient Appliances. If your appliances are less than five years old, then skip this step. However, if the once-white refrigerator and dishwasher in your kitchen are now a shade of dirty bisque, then you should really consider replacing them with new, high-efficiency appliances. Eco-friendliness is a huge selling point these days, and spending $500 on a new machine now can net you $750 in profit when you sell.

2) Install a Sprinkler System. Curb appeal is important factor in determining property value, and nothing says “curb appeal” in the spring quite like a flourishing green lawn. Consequently, nothing says “flourishing green lawn” quite like a new sprinkler system. Automated pop-up sprinklers will take all of the guess work out of maintaining a healthy lawn, and that’s something any buyer can appreciate.

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3) Reconvert Your Home Office Into a Bedroom. Buyers want bedrooms. It’s as simple as that. The more bedrooms your house has, the more money it will fetch on the market. So before you start showing it on the market, take some time to reconvert your home office into the domicile it was designed to be. Take out the desk and filing cabinets and replace them with a dresser and a bed. You want buyers to be able to experience the room rather than imagine it.

4) Paint Everything Neutral. You might love your red living room, but the same can’t be said for many buyers. When it comes time to sell your house, you should repaint all of your rooms in attractive neutral shades. Walls should appear generic so that buyers can feel like they’re starting with a fresh slate. This simple little trick should make your home more attractive, allowing you to tack on another $1,000 or so to your final sale price.

Increasing your property value in the spring is all about investing wisely. Instead of blowing a fortune on luxuries like a swimming pool or over-the-top kitchen, try to focus on little projects with big returns. Paint the walls, install sprinklers and even consider replacing your carpet with hardwood. In time, these little investments will add up to a larger payday than you would experience by simply pouring money into a single, huge project.