4 Easy Ways to Save Money on Baby Clothes

Who doesn’t love babies? When you have your own, it’s hard to know which clothing items are necessary and harder to resist clearing store shelves of all outfits because they’re just so darn cute. Here are four easy-to-use tips for saving money on clothes for your baby.

1. Buy from your local consignment or swap shops. Some of my favorite outfits that I bought for my daughter came from the consignment shop and cost $1 to $3 for items that would’ve been $20 brand new. Considering these outfits are often decorated with spit up and poop, does it really matter if they’ve been worn by another baby? It doesn’t bother me any. You can even start an account at many consignment shops to sell your slightly used and in good condition baby items, which allows you to make some money back once your baby has outgrown certain items.

I also have access to a “Swap Shop” in a neighboring community. The shop works via a Facebook page where people post items they just want to get rid of for a modest amount of money. A lot of people sell baby clothes for $2 or less per item. Check Facebook and other social networks to see if your surrounding communities have similar opportunities.

2. Swap and bank on gifts. When you have a baby, people love to shower him or her with gifts of clothing. Even if you think these outfits are ugly, you can return them for other items or just put them on your child when no on is looking! They are free outfits, and having extras means less laundry for you. People will give you clothes in a variety of sizes, so you may even have enough small outfits to last without having to buy any yourself.

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When someone offers to share items with you that their children wore, at least look the items over even if you decide you don’t want them. I was offered an ugly old ladyish straw hat along two shirts that look like the Easter Bunny threw up on them for my daughter to wear and I kindly accepted them to be polite and to save money.

3. Buy for the future size. Don’t spend a whole lot of money on newborn or 0-3 month outfits. Depending on the size of your baby at birth along with how fast he or she grows, you may not get much use out of these sizes. If you buy more of the 6-9 month sizes in onesies and sleep and plays, your baby can wear them early on and when he or she is bigger. It’s kind of cute to see babies slightly swimming in an outfit when they look all bundled up and cozy.

If you have a baby girl, you may want to splurge on every skirt, dress, and onesie. Avoid this temptation because it will only make you sad when she grows so fast she can only fit into each piece one time. To get more bang for your buck, buy some tank tops or other shirts in larger sizes and use them as dresses first (I like buying flowery printed tank tops.). Once your baby is older and larger, you can use these shirts again with their intended purpose: as shirts. This tip came from my sister. It’s one of my favorite ways to spend less money while also being creative and versatile.

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4. Save online by joining discount sites. Resist the urge to just buy things from the discount sites because they should be cheaper. Instead, be a smart shopper. Pay attention to the brands and styles you like and see if you can get them cheaper online through MyHabit (an Amazon site) or Zulily. The clothing items are often 75% cheaper than they would be in stores or on other websites, and they may be more unique than the abundant Carter’s items seen in BabiesRUs or Target.