4 Jobs that Pay Well but Require Little or No Training

Whether you are re-entering the job market or want to change carrers, the propect of lenghty training may be unappealing. Perhaps you do not have the funds to return to school. Time might be the issue. Looking in the local paper can be an eye opener. You may see plenty of jobs you are not trained or qualified to apply for. There are probably going to be others you could apply for but that you would not want. Most people do not consider phone soliciting an excititng career. The pay for this type of job is often quite low too.
The following are some suggestions that might appeal to you. All of these positions are ones that you can obtain wothout extensive training, some require none at all. In order for a job to make the list, it had to provide the opportunity to create a liveable amount of income.

Court Amplifier.
This position actually goes by many names. If you will turn in to court TV you may see someone holding what appears to be a cone to thier face. The person is repeating what is said in court. In many courts, more every day, court amplifiers are replacing court reporters. Court repoprters type the dialogue, amplifiers simply repeat them. Many states require a certificate but a surprising number will accept at an home or online course in in place of a study course you physically attend. Some states require only that you pass a test they administer. In a great number of areas, you will be considered an “officer of court” and enjoy above average benefits and good pay. Most of the courses focus heavily on how to speak out the gramar that is necessary when amplifying. Check the requirements in your area.

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Reverend/ Wedding Officiant.
Before you scoff at this suggestions, hear me out. People want to get married and they need someone to perform the ceremony. You will be performing a service and regularly taking part in a happy occassion. This is a job that you can do part time. Most people hold thier ceremonies on the weekend. Another option is offering same day service for those who just can not wait. At universalchurch.org you can become a Reverend for fifty dollars, this entitles you to perform legal and binding unions throughout the US. Check local papers or call local officiants to ask the fee they charge to perform a ceremony. I found local Reverends who charged from two hundred to five hundred dollars per ceremony. Books on how to perform ceremonies of all kinds ar e readily available.

The feasibility of this item depends greatly upon where you are located. Some states have a lenghty training program, while others require little or even no training. I did include this option because in some place this position offers excellent earning potential. In New york State there is no training necessary to be an anesthician, you can charge what you wish to do facials or any numbers of beauty procedures. If you have good credit, or credit that can be repaired, you could even lease a “thermage” machine and perform procedures, earning over two thousands dollars per client. The manufacturer provides training. You could advertise to do facials or makeovers for brides, etc. There are numerous possibilities. Check with your state licensing board to see your state’s requirements. Skincarepro.com leases and sells the equiptment I mentioned.

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Teaching courses for adult extension centers.
Many adult ed centers are constantly in search of new teachers . I am not speaking about adult continuing education, which is usually taught by professors. You do not need a Master’s degree to teach a course on yoga, “how to flirt” or gardening. Chances are there is a topic you know well. Perhaps you have just never thought about it as a class you could teach. Even if you do not consider yourself an expert on any subject, there is nothing stopping you from picking a topic and learning enough about it to lead a class. Try taking a look at local extension course offerings and see which subject areas seem popular. Salary is usually determined according to the number of people who sign on for the class. As the class leader you will earn a percentage of all fess collected to hold the class. Aim for a class that you feel will be popular and interest the largest number of people. Most catalogues fro adult extensions list where and how to propose new courses. If holding a class seems intimidating remember that you are free to use notes, cue cards or even write all your salient points on the board before your class arrives. Classes that are popular are often repeated in the next offering. If your class catches on you will may have a steady job that entails simply talking about what interests you. .

These are just four possibilities. Pick a general professional field that interests you and begin to ponder a way to work in that field. Chances are you will discover some ways to participate wihout committing to extensive training.
In my opinion. it’s often a smart idea to work in a field that you think you would like before spending great amounts of time preparing for it. The positions I mentioned offer you an opportunity to earn more than you would at many traditional positions.

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