4 New Ways to Use Revlon’s ColorBurst Lip Butter

With the rich pigmentation of a MAC lipstick but the moisturization of a nourishing lip balm (and bestseller of the year, according to The Frisky), Revlon’s ColorBurst Lip Butters have the beautysphere hooked–but if its range of pinks, reds, and deep plums are too intense for you, don’t throw it out just yet! Here are four ways to re-use these lip butters for a more glowy, kissable complexion.

Embrace the Ombre
If these lip butters are just too intense for your tastes, try toning it down by applying it a la ombre on your lips. Here’s a simple how to: After exfoliating your lips, apply the lip butter of your choice on the center of your lips, blending outward. Afterwards, use a lighter lipstick to color in the rest of your lip area. Finish off by applying concealer on the edges of your lips for a simple ombre look on-the-go.

Lip Primer Supreme
Like the pigmentation of your lip butter but don’t like its poor staying power? Then try this–apply the lip butter of your choice to quickly soften and add color to your lips. Next, take a lipstick that matches this color and sweep it across your lips, using a tissue to blot away any excess. Use a concealer to clean up the edges if the lipstick bleeds. The benefit: Lip butters amp up the color of any lipstick applied over it while keeping your lips moisturized, which helps if you usually wear drying lipsticks such as a matte lip stain. Try it–it makes your lips kissably soft and beautiful!

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Easy Highlighting
Have any of Revlon’s sheer, frosted lip butters on hand? Don’t let it go to waste; instead, try using it as a soft highlight. Here’s how: Using the brush of your choice, sweep the lip butter over the bridge of your noise, the high points of your cheeks, and any place that you want to illuminate. Set with a finishing powder for a soft, luminous glow that lasts for hours.

Flushed Cheeks in a Snap
For darker berry or plum-colored lip butters, highlighting won’t do, but here’s how else it can benefit you: By acting as a cream blush. Application is super easy–use your fingers to warm up the product, then pat it across the apples of your cheeks. Make sure to pat it outward towards your temples for a natural, blushed finish that works well with winter or summer makeup.

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