4 Ways to Decrease Your Alcohol Tolerance

Okay, hypothetically speaking, say that for some reason, you want to be able to get drunk on less alcohol.

You’re a big old guy or you’ve just been on a steady all-rye diet for the last few months, and now it takes you so many beers to get drunk that people have started giving you unflattering drinking nicknames that reference the American Bison. While that is certainly a majestic animal and an icon of old American plains culture, let’s say you want to lose that history and get back to a point where you can get drunk off of less alcohol.

Well, lucky news, there are a few ways to decrease your alcohol tolerance quite effectively.

1. Maintain a consistent diet. By regulating your metabolism, you’ll be able to decrease your alcohol tolerance, or really control it any way you’d like. The best way to do that is to eat consistently, and hey, let’s face it, you need it. Get your diet under control and eat at the same time every day and you’ll notice that you’ll feel healthier and you’ll metabolize alcohol faster.

2. Drink on an empty stomach. This is an old tip that’s pretty much lore at this point, but it stands up to reason. If your body’s not metabolizing anything but what you’re drinking, you’ll get drunk faster because the alcohol will hit you quicker. This doesn’t mean that you’ll get more drunk, necessarily, just drunk faster–but hey, that’s what you’re going for, Drinky McDrinkerson. Have at it.

I should note that having a few handfuls of potato chips is always a good idea, because salty foods help your body maintain hydration and avoid a visit from the dreaded Hangover Ham. A few chips won’t have a huge affect on your alcohol tolerance overall, so play it safe while drinking and you’ll be happier when you’re sober the next day.

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3. Exercise. If you do a decent amount of cardio, such as running or walking–preferably running–you’ll get a better metabolism rate going for you, and as a result you’ll be able to get drunk faster. Notice anything? You’re working with your metabolism with these tips; that’s what you’re focusing on, so any time you hear that word, pay attention. It could affect your drinking, and nothing’s more important than that, is it?

4. Drink less consistently. This is the lamest tip, I know, but if you’re drinking beer every night, your liver’s just going to develop alcohol tolerance despite the other things that you might be doing to ensure a visit from the Drunk Fairy. Keep your drinking to a night a week, less if you can.

If you can’t go a day without a beer, you probably have a serious issue, and this is not the article for you anyways. Get thee to a nunnery. But if you’ve got no problem holding off…well, hold off. Your alcohol tolerance will drop, and you’ll save some money, too.