A Broken Angel’s Wing

Actually I only bent her little wing some. Although when it happened the wing didn’t feel little. It felt bigger than my head! In my defense, I didn’t know she was there. Well, I did, but I forgot. Also that wing was sharp! It went into my head like a knife, or a pointy wing. It just made a little dent in my temple but the unexpected jab was a real shock. The sun was glaring hot and there were droplets of sweat on my head.

I was in my car, trying to make a right hand turn. The sun was to my left shining in my eyes making it hard to see if the coast was clear for my turn. So I grabbed my visor shifting it over to my left to block out the glare of the sun. That’s when I became aware of my angel It hit me. The angel’s wing went into my right temple causing me to see little angels dancing before my eyes. Only for a few minutes thank goodness.

“OWW! That hurts!” I said. Too bad Bo, my wonder dog wasn’t in the car. I could have claimed I was talking to him. Alas I never take him anywhere, except the park or a drive-up, in the heat this time of year. So I guess I was talking to the angel. Who it seems had cleared the way for my turn. Of course talking to no one in the car seems to be the norm now a days anyway.

Now when this happened it took a while to figure out what happened. Of course all I had to do is look at the visor to discover what I had done. I had gouged myself with an angel’s wing. It was a Guardian Angel visor clip that my parents had bought me years ago. I have kept it in every car I have owned. Hey it seems to keep me safe so why tinker with something that works?

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I could see I had bent the angels wing but it wasn’t until later when I had doctored my head and it had stopped hurting. I still have a nice red bump on my temple though. I got the angel from the visor and examined it. I had bent the right wing a little, I was right I hadn’t done too much damage. My angel was going to be OK!

I was able to bend the little wing back into place. It was with a sigh of relief that I hadn’t broken the wing, it was delicate, when I read what was written beneath the angel’s feet.

Protect our daughter, her passengers and all who pass by: With a steady hand and a watchful eye. NEVER LET HER GO FASTER THAN YOU FLY!

Well, It’s worked so far. I’m put her back in the car. She has kept me safe so far. There is no use tempting fate. I also put here where she wont gouge me again. I hope.