Addison Point Apartments in Greensboro, NC

During the early part of 2006, I (single at the time) found myself looking for a new apartment. The apartment complex I lived in at the time did not have washer / dryer hook-ups and were quite small, in addition to being very old. I was ready for something bigger, nicer, and newer…yet still affordable.

That is when I stumbled across Addison Point Apartments. I found out about them in the Apartment Finder. I never knew they existed, because they are back off the road, not visible from the main roads. However, at the same time, they are in the heart of Guilford College, so they’re a convenient place to live as well. Kind of like the best of both worlds, so to speak. That was one of the things that initially caught my attention. They were running a special, and seemed to have a lot that I was looking for. I checked out about five different apartment complexes in the area, and found this one to be the nicest for the deal. Here, I found a two bedroom, two full bathroom apartment, with a stove, refrigerator / freezer, microwave, and washer / dryer hook-ups. There is a bar facing the kitchen, a dining area, a decent sized balcony, and two french doors leading out to it. For just over $660 a month, we have 70 + channel cable (already installed in each apartment, with the cost figured into the rent), water, sewage, and trash pick-up. Basically, the only thing extra that we have to pay for each month is our Roadrunner (high-speed online) and our Duke Energy bill. Everything else is included.

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I haven’t had to call maintenance much, but the one time that I did, they worked with my schedule, and even missed their own lunch break, in order to come meet me here, to fix a couple of electrical outlets. The maintenance man was right on time, and fixed the problem with ease. I haven’t had any problems since. In addition, the staff always come (to change the filters or perform other routine maintenance) exactly when they post on the calendar that they will be here.

When my now husband and I got engaged last November, it was an easy decision for us to make, when it came to where we would live. During our dating relationship, we spent the majority of our “hang-out” time together here at my apartment. We were both comfortable here, and felt it would be a good decision for us to stay here. So in April, my husband, Brian, moved-in. We have really enjoyed our time here as a married couple. We have gotten to know some of our neighbors, who are very friendly and have been helpful in giving us a hand when we needed it, as well as being friendly and keeping the noise down in their apartments. We have never (nor did I, before Brian moved in) had to call in with a complaint, and any time we do need to call the front desk (or stop by), the office personnel have all been friendly and helpful to us. It has meant a lot to me that they always remember me by name and never hesitate to ask how the things in my life are going. It amazes me that they are able to remember those things, with as many residents as they have!

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Brian and I also enjoy the “extras” within our apartment neighborhood. For example, once a month, there is a “Papa Johhn’s $5 Pizza Night.” We take advantage of that whenever possible, by stopping by the front office and picking-up a $5 pizza from the Papa John’s employee stationed outside the office – simple as that! We also take advantage of the pool, whenever possible. Whenever we have gone, we have found it to not be overcrowded, it is clean, and a good family atmosphere. There is also a nice clubhouse behind the pool, which can be rented out for free at any time by a resident, by giving a completely refundable deposit upfront. A nice gym and men’s and women’s bathrooms, water fountains, drink and snack machines, and a laundry room also occupy the large clubhouse. There is a volleyball team offered to residents, and numerous community gatherings throughout the year. The week of Valentine’s Day, for example, we were able to stop by the front office for a tasty salad, delicious spaghetti, unlimited soft drinks and tea, and even cookies and brownies for dessert. At this time, we also renewed our lease and had a good time getting to know the people around us a little better.

Brian and I wish to own our own home someday, and at that point we will obviously be moving out of Addison Point. Until that time, however, we anticipate continuing to have a great time in our apartment community.