Atlanta’s Top 3 Burger Joints

In Atlanta you can go on a quest and find great food anytime of the day, any night of the week. From delicious seafood to Southern BBQ, authentic Mexican delights to trendy Asian specialties. Atlanta is a mix of many different kinds of people, and that means different kinds of food.

But if you still just want to hunker down and enjoy a big ole’ burger and some french fries, Atlanta offers that too. From simple to sublime, there is a burger joint for all tastes in Atlanta.

The Vortex – Since 1992, The Vortex has been serving what many consider the best burgers in Atlanta. Now with two locations: Midtown and Little 5 Points, you don’t have to go far to get one of these great burgers. The Vortex attracts a diverse crowd, from bankers to bikers and everyone in between, this is what makes The Vortex such a great burger joint. I haven’t even talked about the food yet. While you can get a basic burger, you have to try one of themed burgers to fully appreciate The Vortex. Try a Hell Burger with pepperjack cheese and jalapeno peppers. Or maybe a Spanish Fly with spicy chorizo mix. If you like burgers the way I do you might want to just go ahead and order the Double Bypass withtwo fried eggs, six slices of American cheese, and eight slices of bacon, all served between the two grilled cheese sandwiches. Make sure you have 911 on the speed dial when you eat this. Don’t forget to try the french fries and tater tots as well.

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The Counter – One of the newest burger joints in Metro Atlanta. To get here you need to head north, up GA 400 and exit at Mansell Rd. At 850 Mansell Rd. you will find some of the best burgers anywhere. The Counter is all about custom made gourmet burgers. When you enter you will notice the decor is simple. You will be handed a clipboard with a menu. You choose what type of burger you want, what you want on it, and what do you want with it. I thought the burger combinations were endless, but some math geek must have figured out there are 312,120 different burger combinations. Every burger I’ve had at The Counter has been delicious. As a bonus, The Counter has a great bar and unlike a lot of other burger places, if you have room, try the desserts.

Ann’s Snack Bar – No trip to Atlanta is complete without a visit to Ann’s Snack Bar. Now don’t expect anything big and fancy. Located on Memorial Drive in Atlanta, the Ghetto Burger here was rated the Best Burger in America by the Wall Street Journal in 2007. The Ghetto Burger is basically a double-cheese bacon and chili burger. Ann Price presides over the snack bar and it’s 8 counter seats. I don’t know how she does it, but the burgers are super tasty. Don’t misbehave or get too pushy, Ann will put you in your place. Think “Soup Nazi” from Seinfeld. You may have to wait a bit, but the wait is worth it. Try some fies and a cold drink and you are set. Ann’s Snack Bar is located at 1615 Memorial Dr. in Atlanta.

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