Helpful Guide to Bike Racks and Panniers

Using racks and panniers really opens up the world of bike travel – whether it’s the daily commute, a weekend in the countryside or a few months on the open road. Keeping loads off the shoulders, racks and panniers literally take the backache out of both touring and riding to work – once tried, you’ll … Read more

Shubunkin Goldfish: Appearance and Care

Shubunkin is a musical-sounding word that refers to a hard-to-describe color pattern in goldfish. Perhaps the closest color pattern shubunkin can compare to is the blue merle pattern seen in some dog breeds like Australian shepherds. A shubunkin goldfish is blessed with a calico patchwork that can contain black, shades of gold, blue and white. … Read more

Great Quotes About Homeschooling, Self-Education, and School

Is formal education necessary for success in the twenty-first century? A growing number of homeschooling families around the world argue that it isn’t, especially for children. In fact, many would say that institutionalized learning could actually be harmful to a child’s development. It strips the child’s love of learning, sense of self, confidence, and ability … Read more

How Do Online Culinary Arts Schools and Degree Programs Work?

As more and more people jump online to complete an associate’s degree, bachelors degrees, or certification program online, it’s hard to imagine that a Culinary Arts degree can also be completed via the web. Culinary Arts programs are a combination of hands-on training and textbook study, but many schools are now offering online-exclusive programs, offering … Read more

The Reality of Imaginary Numbers

Just as imaginary numbers are complex number, there beginnings are also complex. Although Italian Renaissance mathematician Gerolamo Cardano is credited with the first acknowledgement of the existence of imaginary numbers in his book Ars Magna published in 1545, the topic is somewhat controversial. Niccolo Fontana Tartaglia communicated some of the information in Cardano’s book which … Read more

Brianna Mariah Lopez: Broken Angel

Brianna Lopez was just five months old, but in those five months she endured more suffering than most of us will in a lifetime. What her own family did to her is so vile most of us couldn’t imagine it. But the truth is, her story is just one of thousands of unspeakable abuse so … Read more

Guide to World War II Museum Ships: The Battleships

Ninety minutes after the Japanese launched an attack on the U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, the battleship was effectively finished as the backbone of fleet operations. Five of the eight battleships at port were sunk, and the remaining three suffered damage. The Japanese had effectively demonstrated what many theorists had been saying for … Read more