Best 10 Dog Breeds for Women

When a woman picks a dog breed, she has to carefully consider what type of lifestyle she has in order to pick the dog breed that is best for her. This, more than anything else, will determine what type of dog breed is best for the individual owner. There is a myth that women prefer the tiny dogs, but this does not seem to be universally true. For the particularly active woman, a small dog will not be best due to its low tolerance of heat and activity, in many cases.

Best Dogs For Single Women:

For single women, two major traits are a concern when looking at dogs: protection and affection. You want a dog who will love you at the end of the day, but you also want a dog that can protect you from anyone attempting to prey on a single woman. These are the best dog breeds for single women:

German Shepherd Dog: These dogs are known for their trainability. They are also a great guard dog, because unlike Labs or Golden Retrievers, nothing will stand between a GSD and their owner, when that owner is perceived to be in danger. These dogs absolutely require a daily workout and must be owned by a woman who is willing to put them through obedience training. But for a single woman living by herself, this dog offers a high degree of protection.

Pit Bull Terrier: Though the dog breed is most associated with men, an increasing number of women are finding this breed to be on their list because of the degree of protection it offers. Its value as a guard dog is indisputable, however they are also quite affectionate.

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Doberman Pinscher: A great guard dog, this breed is particularly well known for its single-minded devotion to one person. These dogs are very affectionate with their owners, though they are naturally wary of strangers.

Best Dogs For the Active Woman With a Family:

The dogs in this group are best know for their abilities to get along well with children, but also require a decent amount of exercise per day.

Labrador Retriever: These dogs live to serve, and their warmth and affection towards their masters put them high on any woman’s list of doggy partners. However, because they do live to serve, for the dog’s utmost happiness, these dogs should only be kept with women who are able to get them out of the house and put them to work, through either obedience trials, prolonged games of fetch, or hiking in the woods with you.

Golden Retriever: These dogs are much like the Labradors, except that they generally come with a much higher degree of maintenance for their heavy coat. They’re also well known for loving children.

Best Dogs for the Busy Woman With a Family:

All dogs need attention, of course, and getting a dog that you cannot pay adequate attention to is cruel and irresponsible dog ownership. Still, some dogs require less attention than others.

Greyhound: These dogs have a reputation for being hyper and active. But the fact is, if you get an adopted adult Greyhound, they are some of the biggest couch potatoes you can find. They need a good walk once a day, but will be pretty content with that minimal amount of exercise.

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Boston Terriers: These little dogs are known for their flatulence problems, but they are also known for their fierce loyalty and affection. They love children, and are smaller than many dogs on the list.

Best Dogs For Senior Women:

For senior women, smaller dogs are almost always preferable. Still, you’ll likely want a well-behaved small dog, and unfortunately, many of the smaller dogs are prone towards negative dispositions. There are, of course, exceptions.

Maltese: These little dogs require a lot of grooming, but they also have big hearts and will shower their owners in love.

Shih tzu: These small dogs are friendly, and thrive upon companionship with their human. Again, they require a decent amount of grooming, however.

Schnauzer: These dogs do not need a lot of grooming, and come in two different sizes: miniature and standard. For seniors, the miniature may be the best bet. They are good watch dogs and affectionate pets.