Best 10 Gifts for Male Teachers

You, like all parents of school age children, are approaching the holiday season thinking about what to give your child’s teacher for Christmas. You want to give a nice gift but don’t want to seem to other parents like you are buying the teacher’s attentions for your child the way some parents try to. It becomes even more difficult if your child’s teacher is a male teacher as most of the gift choosing comes from the mother. The following is a list of 10 ideas that will make gift giving for your child’s male teacher a little easier this year.

Homemade Food Gifts

Think about the men in your life and you know that they enjoy food just like women do. They might have different tastes but there are few men that would turn down homemade breads, cookies or candy. Even if there is something that they don’t particularly enjoy, chances are they have a lady in their lives that would be happy to share the gift you gave to her man.

Something New for the Classroom

Your child’s teacher spends a lot of their time in their classroom and not just with your child’s class. Especially if your child’s teacher is young, he will likely be in his classroom for a while and, as times are tough financially for everyone, any gift that can help daily life in the classroom would be a welcome addition to his collection.

Gift Cards

A classic gift no matter what the occasion, a gift card allows your child’s teacher to reward himself for a job well-done throughout the first part of the school year as he sees fit. It might be a new book or some home office supplies or maybe a new CD or DVD. Teachers need down time too and a gift card lets your child’s teacher make the choice a personal one.

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Membership to a Professional Organization

This is a great thing to do as a whole class. Many teachers would like to be part of a professional organization in their field of study and some teachers are even required to do so. As the new year approaches they will be looking to renewing their membership and a gift like this from their room full of students (and their parents) would really make a difference in their lives, both personally (because of financial considerations) and professionally. It is a win-win gift for everyone.

A Nice Bag/Case to Carry Papers

This is another gift that might require the entire class to make it a meaningful gift but many times teachers have a lot of papers to bring home and they don’t always have an appropriate means of moving the papers back and forth from home to school. Your child’s male teacher would definitely appreciate a gift as thoughtful as this.

A Food Gift Basket

Male teachers are just as likely to be single as married and, like most men, may not have the time or the ability to cook a nice meal for themselves. For your child’s teacher you can create a gift basket by buying a pot or pan and filling it with supplies and recipes to make a nice Italian or Mexican meal. If you want to be really creative, include a CD of nice music or a nice bottle of wine.

A Board Game

Most male teachers seem to have a special place in their hearts for board games and Christmas is the perfect time to gift your child’s teacher with a new one. Whether it is a new version of an old standby or something new this season, your child’s teacher will surely love it.

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Tickets to a Movie

Give your child’s teacher a reason to get out on the town by giving two tickets to see a movie in town. If the male teacher has a wife and kids, you could offer to find babysitting to make the gift even more special.

Handmade Ornament

Your child’s male teacher is no different than a female teacher would be when it comes to having a tree with special ornaments on it, whether at home or at school. Give this teacher a reason to remember your child each year during the holidays with a unique homemade ornament.

Letter of Thanks

Whether you are giving another gift or using the letter as the gift itself, a letter saying “thank you” can make a big difference in a teacher’s life. They spend a lot of time with your child as well as time away from the classroom preparing for each day of teaching and even a male teacher will appreciate a big “thanks”.