Best 2 Person Tents for Camping

The days are getting longer, the nights are getting warmer, it is time to go camping! Are you in the market for a new tent? You probably notice that there are a lot of choices to choose from and that can be over whelming. When it comes to camping you should always listen to reviews on the tent you’re looking at purchasing. The last thing you want is to end up getting caught in an unexpected rain shower and find out the tent you just bought leaks at all the seams!

If you are just one or two people needing a tent to sleep in, you won’t want to mess with the big complicated “family” tents or “cabin” tents. Here is a list of the best 2 people tents in my opinion (and the opinion of some of my fellow campers).

Big Agnes, Gore Pass Tent.

This tent can be found at and and will cost approximately $280.

This tent has approximately 32.5 sq ft with two vestibules that are approximately 15 sq ft each. Great for 2 people, but can accommodate a 3rd if needed. You can have separate rooms or have one room for sleeping and one room your gear or your best 4 legged friend.

There are 4 poles and has a completely mesh top for maximum air flow and ventilation, which besides meaning it will keep you cool in the summer, it also means that you won’t wake up feeling soggy due to condensation. It also comes with a polyurethane coated floor and rain fly to keep you dry.

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Best of all if you are hiking or backpacking, this tent won’t add a lot of weight as it only weighs about 5lbs.

The Big Agnes Gore Pass tent was also selected for the Outside Magazine 2009 Buyers Guide.

Sixty Second Set-up Dome.

This tent can be purchased online at and will cost approximately $150.

This tent is perfect for fast one person set ups and can accommodate 2 people. Perfect tent for your first tent!!

It is so quick to set up because it requires no matching or threading of poles, they are already in place on the tent and just require you to snap them together.

The floor seams are sealed to keep water out.

The weight of this tent when packed up is approximately 8lbs. It has approximately 40 sq ft of floor space with a center height of just over 4 ft.

Sierra Designs Origami 2 Person Ultralight.

You can find this tent at and it will cost approximately $180.

This tent is perfect for backpackers, hikers and people looking for a tent that doesn’t leave a footprint (although you can also use the footprint/floor if you’d like).

The tent adapts to any condition. You can use the stakes and set them out wider for more floor room or set them closer to each other for more head room! Not many other tents allow you so much flexibility! If you are in a spot that you can’t, or don’t want to use the stakes (such as a rocky terrain) you can even set this tent up without the steaks by attaching it to trees.

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The floor has upturned sides and when you attach the sides to the floor you will obtain a barrier that will prevent sand, moisture, and wind from getting inside.

Best of all, this tent is only 2lbs when packed up!!

GigaTent Recon 2.

This tent can be found at and will cost approximately $50.

This tent will blend in to the surrounding, making it great for hunting.

The tent has 2 doors making getting in and out easy, as well as 2 vestibules approximately 14 sq ft each making great sleeping area while keeping your gear or 4 legged hunting partner in a separate area.

Center height is just under 4 ft tall and it comes with a mesh gear loft and pockets that are sewn into the walls of the tent to keep small items (such as a cell phone or walkie talkie) from getting lost.

The tent also comes with extra stakes and guylines to use when it is extremely windy out, securing and preventing your tent from blowing away.

Coleman Sundome.

You can find this tent at also and will cost approximately $45.

This tent is 7ft x 5ft with a center height of 46 inches.

It boasts that it guarantees you will stay dry, that is always important when camping!

It has mesh on all 4 sides so you get maximum cross air ventilation no matter what direction the wind is blowing. The rain fly comes down over the top of mesh on the sides and provides an awning over the door and back window.