Best 3 Mother’s Day Games and Activities for Young Students

Are you hoping to help the kids prepare for Mother’s Day with a few pre-event games and activities? Do you want to do more than just make cards? If so, you may want to take a moment to skim down my list of ideas. Each idea relates to something that I have done with my kids in the past. Here they are:

Roving Reporters

Looking for a unique way to get to the heart of the holiday? Arm the kids with reporter’s hats, notebooks and Mother’s Day pencils or pens. Then ask them to interview each other on what makes their mom so special. If the kids are too young to write, you could always set up a tape recorder or video tape the interviews.

Should the kids get stumped on what else to ask their classmates, additional questions could consist of such things as “what is the best thing that you and your mother have ever done together?” and “If you could select just one activity to do with your mom, what activity would you choose?”

Afterward, have the kids put the interview in a form that could be presented to their mom’s. For example, you could make duplicate CDs or DVDs of each interview and let the kids decorate homemade cases. Written interviews, on the other hand, could be stapled or tied in between two pieces of cardstock with yarn to create books.

Given all the elements involved, the activity could easily be incorporated into dramatic play, role playing, art and communication related lesson plans.

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Create a Mom Story

Another great option would be to ask the kids to write or draw a story about mom. To help get them started, you may want to think about reading Angela McAllister’s book “My Mom Has X-Ray Vision” or Ashley J. Cooksey’s book “My Mom is a Super Hero.” Doing so should lead to some pretty interesting stories. Once the kids are done with the stories, you could have them create covers for the homemade books too. Based on my experience, two pieces of construction paper or cardstock would make an excellent book cover.

Who’s My Mother?

Want to get the kids into the holiday spirit and help teach them something in the process? Consider playing a round of who’s my mother. In order to play the game, you’ll need to create or purchase photos of babies and mothers. Then show the children the photo of the baby and ask them to name its mother. You could also use the photos or words to create memory, dominos or bingo cards for a holiday themed game. The DLTK website has programs capable of creating all three.

Source: Personal Experience

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