Best Apartments and Rental Guide for College Students in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh experiences a surge in population from July through September each year from college students scrambling to find economy housing and accommodations. A small percentage of students settle for dorm life, but many wanting to experience their independence for the first time are looking for inexpensive apartments that are within walking distance to schools, shopping, clubs, and eateries. This can be easier said then done as Pittsburgh can be quite pricey. However, if you start shopping for apartments early enough there are some great deals out there, you just have to know where to look.

Compared to other larger cities in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh rates fairly well in the cost efficiency category. Typically you can expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $500.00 per month for a decent 1-bedroom apartment. Apartments that offer more amenities go for an average of $545.00 for a 1-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments range in the area of around $700.00 per month.

Much of an apartments cost will heavily rely on its location, quality of the area, and the many amenities available at each individual apartment complex. If you want an apartment that features a panoramic view than you are going to pay the hefty price of approximately $1,500.00 per month, while one that offers access directly to the strip area will run in the ball park of $1,200.00 per month.

Pittsburgh is the second largest city in Pennsylvania, and deciding on an apartment can be quite confusing as there are many layers to the city from the popular strip district that offers trendy clubs, eateries, and an active night life to the North side of Pittsburgh that is quaintly lined with streets full of historic homes, beautiful architecture, the Carnegie Science Center, an aviary, the Andy Warhol Museum, and the popular PNC Park.

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The South side offers a variety of funky shops, and it is only five minutes away from the famous Station Square where you will find a multitude of things to do. From the gateway clipper to the Fountain at Bessemer that demonstrates state-of-the-art waltzing waters and liquid fireworks that is simply mesmerizing.

The East Liberty area is just minutes away from the universities and the hospital, and the majority of the apartments will run in the area of $600.00 per month. East Liberty sits next to Highland Park, and offers gorgeous Victorian homes that have been made into several apartments within these grand structures.

Bloomfield is just west of East Liberty, and has been dubbed Pittsburgh’s “Little Italy.” Families have lived in this area for generations, bringing traditional Italian values, eateries and festivities that have become a real tradition within the neighborhood. The affordable apartments and friendly atmosphere puts it high on the list to newcomers. Some of the best restaurants, friendliest bars, and coffee shops can be found in the area. Students love the quick access to the university and bus lines, along with the reasonable rent.

Small apartments with high rents are what a student can expect to find in North Oakland, but they will also find that this is the closest neighborhood to the University of Pittsburgh. This is the perfect setting for a student that doesn’t own a car. It is conveniently located in the middle of great restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, and of course, the campus.

Shadyside is in the heart of Pittsburgh’s East End that offers a residential neighborhood with a village-like feel. Quiet and elegant, Victorian mansions line the streets of Shadyside, and it is popular with students and staff from the nearby Carnegie Mellon University as it has access to just about everything that you will ever need, and then some.

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Students looking to live with a roommate will find that the Housing Resource Center will come in handy. The site provides helpful advice as well as listings of people who are searching for roommates. You can also place a listing on the Web site that lists exactly what you are looking for as well. For more information go to:

Economy Apartments in Pittsburgh

Cavendish Apartments
226 Shady Ave.,
Studios from $410 plus electric, one-bedroom units from $469 plus electric
[email protected]

3000 Westpointe Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15205
Centrally located apartments from $580 per month for a 1-bedroom with a $99.00 deposit. Call: (800)930-8527×8207

Hampshire Hall
4730 Center Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
1-bedroom apartments starting at $450.00 per month, located between Shadyside and Oakland
Call Toll Free: (888) 270-9631

Mayflower Apartments
These apartments are only available to full-time graduate students.
Efficiency start at $506.00 per month
1-bedroom apartments run $665.00 per month

Applications for University-owned apartments are accepted by Off-Campus Living, located at 127 N. Bellefield Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, beginning the second Monday in January on a first-come, first-served basis. Go here to fill out an online application.

The Pennsylvanian
1100 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Tel (412) 391-6730

These apartments are located just steps away from theaters, cultural centers, and restaurants, Heinz Hall, the Civic Center and the Downtown Business District.

Colebrook Management, Inc.
(412) 441-2696
Visit here for more information on their available one and two bedroom apartments available throughout the city of Pittsburgh.

The Realty Counseling Company has a full list of apartments available through their online site. Just go to here to check out the various one, two, and three bedrooms available or you can call directly at 412 381-1166 Ext. 16.

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The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency was developed for consumers to locate affordable housing options throughout Pennsylvania. The site offers an easy search system so that it is tailored to your individual needs when looking for suitable housing. Just go here to find the perfect apartment that fits your requirements.

Pittsburgh’s Community Profile

If you have never been to Pittsburgh it is real easy to get confused by the many streets, interstates, and different areas that the city is host to, much less know where to look for an apartment. This simple alphabetical list of each individual community in Pittsburgh will give you information about the general area. Each link will give you a community profile, and contact information for emergency services in the area. For more information, go here.
Another great site for new residents of Pittsburgh or anyone looking to move to the Steel City can go here. Maps of the city, neighborhoods, directions, and links to things to see and do are all listed at this site.