Best Camping Heaters Under $100

Camping doesn’t have to mean roughing it. There are a number of camping heaters that you can use at your campsite or in your camp tent to keep you warm on a cold evening in the woods or to make it more comfortable climbing out of your sleeping bag on a chilly morning. Here are five camping heaters for less than $100 to consider.

These camping heaters operate on propane cyclinders, which are not included with the purchase. You should be able to purchase a propane cylinder at your local hardware or camping equipment store. A 16.4 ounce cyclinder may cost less than $5.00 (see

Whenever you use a camping heater in a tent, remember to be cautious and to follow the manufacturer’s safety recommendations. Among other things, always allow ventilation, don’t place the heater too close to fabrics or flammable materials, and never leave it on when you leave the tent.

Coleman BlackCat™ Perfectemp™ Catalytic Heater. This catalytic heater, which can be purchased at, Coleman BlackCat(tm) for less than $65, generates 3,000 BTU of output and operates on a 16.4-ounce propane cyclinder, which will provide power for up to seven hours. The BlackCat™ heater’s easy-grip handle makes it easy to carry; its legs ratchet into the collar for easy storage; and its large heating surface and adjustable settings allow you to achieve the perfect temperature every time. This heater is ideal for use in a tent on those cold mornings when it is hard to get out of your toasty sleeping bag.

Coleman ProCat™ Portable Catalytic Heater with Electronic Ignition. This is a nice little camping heater with several nifty features: it is compact and easily portable and storable; it has a battery-powered fan that increases heat circulation by up to 20 hours, resulting in faster heating and the option to direct the heat where you want it; and it has an electronic ignition that allows for matchless, safe startup. This flameless camping heater is designed for use indoors or in a tent. It runs up to 7 hours on a propane cyclinder. It can be purchased at, Coleman ProCat(tm) for less than $95.

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Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Indoor/Outdoor Heater. This is a very utilitarian campsite/camp tent heater with numerous additional uses: crank it up when the power goes out, use it in your garage when you are working on your car, or stay warm on a cool evening on the patio, to name just a few. It operates on a propane tank, from three to six hours on a one-pound tank, which is recommended for indoor use, or from 48 hours to 110 hours on a 20-pound tank, which can be used outdoors and requires a separate hose connector. It is portable, has 4,000 to 9,000 BTU settings, and is quiet. This camping heater can be purchased for less than $70 at

Coleman SportCat™ Portable Propane Catalytic Heater with Electronic Ignition. Relative to the Coleman BlackCat™ camping heater discussed above, the SportCat™ is 40% lighter and 25% smaller, making it easier to take if your outdoor adventure involves a long hike to the campsite. It has 1,100 BTU of output and will operate up to 18 hours on a 16.4-ounce propane cyclinder. The electronic ignition allows for matchless, safe startup. It can be purchased at for less than $60.

Coleman SportCat™ PerfectTemp™ Catalytic Heater. This is a utilitarian, portable camping heater that can be used indoors or in a tent. It has 1,500 BTU output and operates up to 14 hours on a 16.4-ounce propane cyclinder. It can be purchased at, SportCat Heater for less than $50.

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