Best Men’s Haircuts for 2010

As the nation makes a comeback from the recent recession it’s a great time to get inspired to get out of a rut. One of the easiest changes to make is a new haircut. It’s a small modification that can have a huge impact. Even just a trim can give you the extra confidence needed to go after a promotion or get back into the workforce.

Here are a few men’s haircuts to think about this year. Don’t forget about getting the hairs off the back of your neck. It adds the finishing touch to any shorter style, you can get it squared in the back or tapered to clean it up. One thing to remember is that squaring off the hair on your neckline adds a little more width in the back, so it’s not the best style for someone with a larger head.


The most enduring and still popular men’s haircut is the fade. A shorter version, or a longer version both convey a clean-cut image that makes it perfect for a change of life such as a new job. It’s a dependable haircut that can get you through anything life decides to throw with style and confidence.

Buzz Cuts

If you are looking for a clean slate, starting over may be a good option. A short man’s haircut, such as a buzz cut or military hairstyle, takes a lot less time to style and no products to look its best. For a fast-paced lifestyle this is one of the best haircuts to have. Whether sitting at a desk, standing above the city working at a construction site or being out in the great outdoors, you can stay cool and comfortable.

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Ivy League Haircut

This is a modernized version of the fade, it’s left a little bit longer in the front and gives more versatility in styling while still being easy to maintain and style. It can look great with or without any products.

“Scene” or Emo Haircuts

You can find another great option by taking a look at some of these haircuts. These are best for younger guy’s hairstyles, but they can look good on anyone. The styles are very similar to punk, but with a little more grooming. Keeping a scene style up generally does require a bit of maintenance, but will definitely grab attention. The cuts have a focus on disconnection, asymmetry, and styling.

Long Layered Man’s Haircut

If you want to go to another extreme, a longer layered guy’s haircut could be the key. This perfect transitional hairstyle can require little maintenance, but makes a big hit. The only downside is the time it takes to grow your hair out.