Beware of Your Tail

Coccyx pain or tailbone pain is very extreme and uncomfortable. So when ever one gets coccyx pain that is extreme lower back pain or also known as tailbone immediately consult an orthopedics. Swelling on the lower back or tailbone area or coccyx, which placed between the buttocks, is called coccydynia.

What are the symptoms of pain in coccyx or tailbone?
You may face severe pain when you move from sitting to standing posture. A deep pain around tailbone or coccyx area while sitting. Pain caused during sitting on soft or soft surface, not when you sit on a hard surface, this is because your whole or almost whole body weight is taken by sit bone, the hard bits in bottom of your pelvis. But when you sit on a soft surface like sofa, the cushion pushes up between the bones raises pressure in you and coccyx is positioned out of area. The coccyx or tailbone becomes very sensitive even with slight touch with fingers, very shooting pain down in legs. This pain is very extreme feel like sitting on a knife. This coccyx pain becomes more when during intercourse both for men and women. Coccyx pain is also felt some times during bowl movements, or also at the time of monthly menstrual cycle in case of women.

What are Causes of coccyx or tailbone pain?
The common cause of tailbone or coccyx injury is due to fall on lower back. Or during child birth or some times the coccyx comes in way of birth and is ruptured. In some sports like cycling or rowing when repetitive stress and pressure is on the tailbone or coccyx. It can also cause due to infection in spine or lower back, compression on the nerves or tumors.

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How to treat coccyx or tailbone pain?

When you have met with such injuries and getting constant pain, apply ice to the effected area for 25 to 30 minutes, repeat four to five times for first few days of the injury. While sitting in your office alter your chair to hard wooden chair instead soft computer chair. Avoid always soft surfaces while sitting. At home make it a habit not to use soft sofa, instead sit down on floor or use hard chair. Purchase at doughnut cushion which has a central hole to prevent tailbone or coccyx to come in contact of the surface. This will help tailbone to be in a relaxed position and tailbone pain will not surfaced. Most important point to remember is eat enough roughage, food rich in fiber and have medicine which will prevent constipation. Constipation will aggravate the injury on the tailbone or coccyx. Drink plenty of water avoid masala diet (food rich in spices).

So patients suffering from tailbone or coccyx pain should take extra care by avoiding soft surface. While having intercourse avoid soft beds and try other position where you are not required to be at bottom side, to avoid pain in coccyx or tailbone.