Calla Lily Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Calla lilies symbolize pure love, holiness and devotion between the bride and the groom. You can add personal touch to your wedding by creating wedding center pieces on your own. Calla lilies are the most romantic, beautiful, simple and elegant flowers, which can be used to create center pieces for your wedding. They are available in lovely array of colors and look stunning with wrapped leaves and long stalks.

If your wedding place is an indoor hall, then choose vibrant colored calla lilies like orange, pink, red with burgundy etc., for creating the center pieces. If your wedding place is an outdoor, you can either use white calla lilies or two toned varieties butter with cream, white with pink calla lilies to create a beautiful atmosphere.

Here are the few ideas for creating wedding center pieces using call lilies.

1. Choose a crystal clear glass bowl and fill the bowl with water. Put some food color and let it dissolve. Choose the food color in such a way that its color is contrast to the flowers that you are going to put in it. Like, if you are choosing white calla lilies then use dark food colors like red, pink etc, and if you are using vibrant calla lilies, then let the food color be a light color. After the water turns into a beautiful color, place a floating candle in the bowl. Choose an unscented floating candle so that the smell of the candle does not distract or alter the taste of the food. Cut the calla lilies stems in such a way that they can float. Leave the calla lilies and some rose petals in the bowl and lit the candle. To make your calla lilies float evenly, make small circles of bubble wrap and thread the stalk of each calla lily to the bubble wrap. This center piece lights your table and is the best center piece if your wedding place is an indoor hall.

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2. Choose tall artistic vases as calla lilies have long stems. The glass vases can be bought in cheap from Wal-Mart or Michaels. Purchase base fillers such as beads, white stones or pebbles and fill the vase. You can also fill the vases with fruits such as berries, whole lemons etc and spray some glycerin spray to shine them up. Take three different colors of calla lilies and some greenery. The greenery can be lemon grass, plumose, leather leaf fern or ming fern. Spray the greenery with leaf shine product which gives a glossy shine to the leaves. Tie them with a ribbon that matches your wedding theme color and place them in the vase. Take a round or square mirror depending upon the shape of the table. Place the vase on the round or square mirror and sprinkle the mirror with rose petals and confetti or glitter which can be purchased from a local craft store.

3. Another way is to take a tall white calla lily and with it either take two different colors of calla lilies or same color calla lilies. Cut the white calla lily to 14 inches tall and the other two calla lilies 7 inches each. Take some greenery like the eucalyptus leaves which have nice aroma or the lemon grass. Arrange the calla lilies with the greenery and tie them with a ribbon. Take a hurricane vase which is affordable and can be bought from any store. Fill the vase with water and sprinkle potpourri in the vase. Around the vase tie a satin ribbon which matches to the color of your wedding theme. Take a mirrored place mat which can be available from your local crafts store. Place the vase with the calla lilies at the center of the mirrored place mat and then place the unscented candles around the vase. Sprinkle some rose petals around it to have a striking effect.

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For an elegant wedding center pieces, calla lilies are the best choice to use.