Calories Burned on an Elliptical Trainer Sum Up to What

I think to know, the amount of calories burned on an elliptical trainer you must first understand what an elliptical trainer is.

An elliptical trainer is an exercise machine that sits in one spot and is used to simulate both walking and running. However, the excessive pressure to the joints is not a problem with this machine. So, you need not worry about injury to your legs. These machines are powered by AC electricity so that you can adjust the motion to fit you best.

To learn about calories burned on an elliptical trainer, you first need to know that it is a non-pact cardiovascular machine that varies between light and high intensities. This machine is mostly used to raise your heartbeat rather than building muscles. It has been said that the dual action exercise from the legs and the arms is a great way for calories to be burned. For those who like to burn calories in less time then it takes to do it at a gym, this would be an excellent machine for you.

However, some researchers have noted that calories burned on an elliptical trainer are very similar to that of a treadmill. Some statistics have been compared for an overall age range. Here are some basic examples.

For a 150 pound woman who does a 30 minute workout will achieve a loss of about 387 calories.

For calories burned on an elliptical trainer for a woman who is 180 pounds and exercises for the same length of time would lose about 464-500 calories.

If you are a 120 pound woman, who exercise’s for 30 minutes the most you could lose 310 calories.

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However, if you ask the manufacturer about the calories burned on an elliptical trainer, they will tell you that you could burn up to 720 calories an hour. Now, how true is this? It is not safe to say.

If you would like to increase the amount of calories burned on an elliptical trainer then you should try some of the things listed below.
You might want to try lengthening your workout duration during interval trainings. Other things are the upper body arm usage along with your sex and weight. Things that might dictate your calories burned on an elliptical trainer is body composition, state of your cardiovascular system and elliptical tension settings.

Of course, there are pros and cons to having an elliptical trainer. One of course is the known, the amount of calories burned on an elliptical trainer. However, another pro would be being able to exercise right in your home without having to go to a gym. Though, for some people this could be perceived as a con. This is because of the many people who love the feel of a gym. Some people have a hard time getting into the “workout mode” without being in a “workout scene”. This is totally understandable. That is of course why many gyms have had the elliptical trainer added to their gym collection.

Another pro would be the “working less, for more” theory. This is because the machine is designed to help you succeed the most in the smallest amount of time. I am all for this theory. Who has time to loose calories these days? I mean it’s all about the “go-go”, instead of resisting that quick donut in the morning; we are forced to face the fact that we have no time for anything else. We are a fast-paced world and sometimes our physical selves just can’t keep up with our motivated business selves. Therefore, having this machine to help take some calories off in as little time as possible is sometimes our only resort.

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The amount of calories burned on an elliptical trainer is as much as you want! There’s no limit when on this machine. The more time you spend, the more you loose! It’s all up to you.