Camping in Foxboro, MA

Camping in Foxboro, MA might not currently be on your top ten list of ways to spend your summer vacation – yet. Camping in Foxboro, MA after all is not camping in Yellowstone National Park or even camping in the White Mountains. But when you think it through you may recognize that camping in Foxboro can mean less hastle, less traffic and less stress for the whole family. Besides if you take a chance and decide to go camping in Foxboro, MA you’ll be surprised to find yourself in the midst of a camper’s paradise and amidst many tourist delights and attractions.

Normandy Campgrounds Camping in Foxboro really means camping at its premier campgrounds , Normandy Farms. This small town campground has been owned, operated and developed for the last 35 years by the Daniels family, Foxboro , MA residents. Even though it is not set in the middle of a major vacation area, Normandy Farms has distinguished itself for its performance as a family campground by being named” RV Park of the Year for 2005-06 ” and by being featured on the Travel Chanel on Cable television. What makes this an award winning and awe inspiring camping area? Just about everything.

Normandy Farms operates year round and is always in a state of readiness to receive guests. The property is well kept and the members of the Daniels family are on site supervising and making certain that accommodations and service continue to meet their standards of excellence.

If they choose, people who camp at Normandy Farms, Foxboro, MA can always find plenty to do right on the grounds without ever having to search for entertainment elsewhere. There are four on site swimming pools, three outdoor and one indoor. There are playgrounds, a fitness center, a creative arts center, and recreation lodge and a schedule of day and night time activities and special events that attempt to draw everyone into the fun.

Even though there is always lots to do at the campgrounds, camping in Foxboro, MA also allows campers to use the campgrounds as a taking off spot for a variety of other adventures. And there are plenty of them.

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Area Attractions If you are camping in Foxboro, MA , want to go swimming but are tired of the confines of campground pools you will be delighted to discover that you are only an hour and a quarter away from Massachusetts South Shore Beaches and beaches in Newport, RI. You might even have the energy to drive just a bit longer cross the Cape Cod Bridge and take your choice from the many Cape beaches that await you.

Looking for exhibits? You can find them, both live or inert. A half hour drive to Providence will take you to one of New England’s finest zoos at Roger Williams Park. Special feature here is the polar bear exhibit but the kids will love it all. Or if you prefer an indoor museum Providence has an acclaimed Children’s Museum with loads of hands on activities for kids. You can also head north and in under an hour or so you can find yourself at Boston’s Children’s Museum , the nationally known Boston Museum of Science, or the New England Aquarium .

Possibly you would like your time away from the campsite to be active and fun with a just a little bit of sports in the mix. Those camping in Foxboro, MA only have to drive a short 2 miles to take the family to Foxboro’s very own, “Funway” . This family activity center has it all – an 18 hole mini-golf course, a golf driving range, batting cage, go-karts, bumper boats and of course refreshments. The list of fun things to do at the Foxboro Funway goes on and on and best of all when it’s time to go back to the campsite it’s still just 2 miles away.

Shopping Vacationers camping in Foxboro, MA may want to take a day away from the campgrounds for a day of shopping. If so they are in luck as there are three sizable shopping sites each only about 15 minutes away from Normandy Farms. By far the smallest is the Walpole Mall on Route 1, Walpole, MA. The major attraction here is that in addition to a few quality clothing stores and a large book store there is also an arcade packed with quarter operated games for kids of all ages and some small amusement style rides for toddlers.

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Bigger in every way is Emerald Square Mall, located in North Attleboro. This three story indoor mall can satisfy all your shopping needs. On the upper level there is an expansive but not expensive food court if you are looking for a change from camp food. You can also find some carousel styled rides for tots. Just beyond the mall itself there are additional unattached stores hoping to attract mall customers and, for bargains, many are worth a look see. If Mom wants to shop and Dad and the kids don’t you’ll all be glad to know that there is a multi theatre complex within a quarter mile of the Emerald Square Mall.

Bigger still is the Premium Outlets Mall in Wrentham. As the name implies most of the stores in this immense shopping complex are offering brand name items at bargain prices. For summer shoppers the advantage of this large and sprawling set of stores is that they are all one one level and open onto an outdoor walkway that circles through the stores . The Outlet Mall allows you to shop while still feeling like you have spent part of the day outdoors while you walk between stores or window shop to your heart’s content. If you are spending the day you will note both a food court tucked among the stores and also some restaurants on the outskirts of the mall proper.

Foxboro Area Night Life If you have spent the day at the campground and are looking for family entertainment for the evening, you really won’t have to travel too far. Check out the Orpheum Theatre just off the rotary in downtown Foxboro, MA Easily visible by its unique pink hue, the Orpheum offers a constantly changing marquee of live theatre, classic and new movies and concert performances. The seating is limited but prices are reasonable and most performances are shown throughout the week with occasional matinĂ©es ( check the marquee) .

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For relaxed family entertainment, the Foxboro Jaycees annually assembles a full summer schedule of Thursday night concerts on the town common. Pack a picnic basket, blanket and lawn chair, leave the campground behind and spend a few hours spread out in the twilight listening to live music with the Foxboro citizenry. If you miss out on a Thursday Concert you might try to attend a Sunday night concert at the town common in nearby Wrentham or a Wednesday night concert in on the Franklin town common just 9 miles away.

If you are willing to put a little more cash in play, you can look into the schedule of concerts by professional artists performing at the Tweeter Center, located in neighboring Mansfield. Considerably more costly than the Orpheum , the Tweeter Center does bring in big name talent and is only about a 15 minute drive from the campsite. To be on the safe side, you should purchase tickets in advance as top performers frequently sell out.

For movie fans, Sharon Cinemas also about 15 minutes from where you are camping in Foxboro, MA, has multiple theatre venues and offers a half dozen current films. Matinées are offered at reduced rates and begin as early as 1 p.m. with final evening shows starting at approximately 9 p.m. Prices are comparable to most local theatres

Foxboro, MA is a small town with a population under 20,000 but it offers a state of the art camping facility which allows campers to access all the entertainment and recreation activities of nearby Boston, Cape Cod and Providence. When you look at it that way, maybe camping in Foxboro, MA does belong on a top ten list of places to spend summer vacation after all.