Canada: A few Little Known Facts about Our Neighbor

All countries have little known facts about them that are interesting, including Canada. For example, did you know that although Canada is the second largest country only 27 million people live there, making it the 28th largest in population. Because a large portion of Canada is covered with lakes and streams it has the largest source of fresh water in the world.

Think the U.S. has a lot of automobiles on the road? Canada has more automobiles, per person, than any other country, with at least one automobile for every 2 people. And, in Canada, 100 different languages are spoken.


Did you know that the Canadian $1 coin is called the Loonie, named after a bird, pictured on the coin, native to Canada. Are there any other animals featured on Canadian coins? Yes. The caribou is displayed on the Canadian quarter. Did you also know that Canada has six time zones?


Some of the things we love most in America were created by a Canadian. Superman, the chocolate nut bar, basketball, and Ginger Ale were all created by Canadians. Famous inventions that are used by many Americans are credited to Canadians including the walker, used by the elderly or injured, pacemakers, the common garbage bag, the electric cooking range, and the electric lightbulb (even though most people think it was invented by Thomas Edison).


To make our lives easier Canadians invented the instant mashed potatoes, kerosene, paint roller, snow blower, the wireless radio and the zipper. For communication or fun the Canadians invented the television, walkie-talkies, trivial pursuit, telephone, and the snowmobile.

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There are many famous people who were born in Canada, including Pamela Anderson, Shania Twain, Keanu Reeves, Celine Dion, Alansi Morissette, Bryan Adams, Dan Aykroyd, Neil Young, Jim Carrey and Jennifer Tilley.


Canadians use many of the same hand gestures as do Americans, such as the “ok” sign but certain signs mean different things in Canada. For example, the “peace” sign, or “victory” sign, done with the index and middle finger pointing upwards while the other fingers are folded together is acceptable only if the palm is facing outward. To point it inward while making the “V” sign is offensive.


In Canada never give a gift of white lilies which are reserved for funerals. Red roses are strictly for romance. Gifts of clothing and perfume are usually considered too personal to give someone. And, if you’re visiting a doctor’s office while in Canada be careful. Wearing perfumes to clinics is often prohibited!


It’s fun to read about the inventions, gestures, monies and other aspects of another country. Each country is different and each offers things unique to that particular region. If you love Canadian trivia go online or visit your local library to read more.


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