Cancun: How’s the Weather?

Most travelers will tell you that the amount of fun had on their vacation is directly proportional to the weather. While some tourists flock to places like London where clouds, rain, and fog are part of the ambiance of the city, those opting for more tropical destinations depend on sunshine to make the most of their vacation experience. Visitors to Cancun are no exception. Tourists arriving in Cancun expect to be able to find fun in the sun any time of their choosing. Rain and other weather events can really put a damper on vacation plans. Knowing when Mother Nature is most accommodating is key when planning your trip.

Cancun’s weather is fairly consistent, averaging about eighty degrees year round. Having a semi-tropical climate means that there’s not much difference between the winter and summer months as far as the temperatures go. Winter highs stay in the mid-eighties and evening lows hover around the sixty-five degree mark. Sumertime temperatures soar into the nineties and remain in the mid-seventies in the evenings. Weather-wise, the prime time to travel to Cancun is between February and April. This is also considered Cancun’s ‘peak’ season and the most expensive period in which to travel to the area. The winter months of October through January are also good times to travel because the climate remains stable and prices tend to be more reasonable during that time of year. The water temperature remains at a steady seventy-six degrees year round so the season has no bearing on visitors being able to enjoy the turquoise waters off Cancun’s coast.

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There are a few annual weather events to be aware of when planning a visit to Cancun. The city has two rainy seasons from April to June and from October to January. While each day during the rainy seasons shouldn’t amount to total washouts, visitors should keep in mind that some rain, perhaps even a lot of rain, can be expected each day, sometimes for several days in a row. The other thing visitors should be aware of is the arrival of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, which runs from June 1st through September, which happens to be the most active month for tropical activity in Cancun. While hurricanes do not strike Cancun every year or even on a regular schedule, they are unpredictable and can come up fairly quickly, cutting your trip short or perhaps even leaving you stranded.

There’s really no bad time to visit Cancun. Visitors and residents alike can tell you that. But planning in advance and doing some quick research can make a good time even better.