Cancun, Mexico: Spring Break Vacation Packages

Spring break and Cancun go together like Abbot and Costello, peanut butter and jelly, and Laurel and Hardy. Spring break is the quintessential rite of passage that yearly permits thousands of college aged teens and twens to cut loose, let it all hang out – sometimes more literally so than figuratively – and celebrate amidst parties, booze, and amorous encounters that will soon be forgotten. Cancun is the quintessential party venue and is said to boast 24,000 available hotel rooms at any one time.

As the time for the next spring break vacation is just around the corner, it is not surprising to find that the best spring break vacation packages to Cancun, Mexico are already available for booking!

Student Travel Services offers the premier Oasis Cancun package which includes round trip airfare, seven nights at the hotel, as well as any taxes. You and your best buddy departing from Denver International Airport on Friday, 03-21-08 and returning on Friday, 03-28-08 will look at a cost of about $1,399 + $120 handling charges per person.

The Oasis Hotel is located on the beach and hosts daily beach parties. If you do not mind limiting your eatery choices, you may include $59 per person into the cost of your booking to account for a Dine Around plan that offers seven breakfasts and dinners, but no lunches. An additional $219 per person inducts you into the VIP Party Package Club which offers free access to nightly parties and happenings, including the infamously famous “Girls Gone Wild” party. Not to be outdone, Sun Splash Toursoffers a similar trip, but their cost is slightly higher, coming in at $1,549 per person.

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A company specializing in Mexico centered travel packages, 4 Mexico Vacations, also offers a spring break package. With a variety of Cancun options available, the stay at the Solymar Beach and Resort seems to be reasonably priced. Based on double occupancy, each person pays $341 which includes seven nights stay, meals, drinks, tax, and a 12% service charge. A smaller property, it is nonetheless located close to nightclubs and other venues which students enjoy.

If you choose to book your flight and stay together with this company, you will be redirected to Apple Vacations where you may plug in all the appropriate data. A flight from Denver on 03-21-08 with a return ticket from Cancun for 03-28-08, and a stay at the luxurious Solymar Beach and Resort will set you back about $1,180 (this will include meals, drinks, and hotel sponsored party attendance tickets). Keep in mind that the hotel has a no nonsense policy when it comes to permitting alcohol on the premises (even though Mexico’s legal drinking age is 18) and failure to adhere to the rules will result in your being 86ed.

Last but certainly not least is the Paradise Parties site geared for those who do not necessarily know their way around the spring break deals and steals currently available, nor really know which parties are hot and happening and which might be considered blah and negligible. At double occupancy, an all inclusive room for seven nights at the popular Oasis Palm Beach Spa & Resort will set you back $1,549. Once you add all the lock in fees and various other rates, you will have the opportunity to book this trip for $1,809.

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This location has the advantage of being removed from the hot spot of the 2008 spring break action – but not so far that you cannot join in should you choose to.

Those in the know will remember that it is always cheaper to book as a group, and if you can get a few of your best buds together to book at the same time, the group discounts may be worthwhile the headache of synchronizing travel plans. Some companies, such as Paradise Parties, will even give you the option of earning points or money off your next trip if you book as a group.

Of course, no matter how you book and which parties you attend, be wise in your actions! Even though the legal drinking age is 18, do not forget that the local cutthroats and thieves do not keep tabs on age limitations and the nice gal or guy you are flirting with may quite possibly have other designs than just the pleasure of your company. Indiana University has put together some great safety tips for anyone going on a spring break vacation this year!