Candida Cleansing Foods

Candida Albicans is a fungus that naturally exists in the vagina, mouth and gut. Sometimes, due to stress or a long course of antibiotics, it can rapidly grow and create a myriad of uncomfortable symptoms. Sufferers may experience everything from chronic heartburn and weight gain to fatigue and depression. The following lists of foods are low on the glycemic index. Meaning, they’re low in the natural sugars that yeast thrives on.

Starting the Candida Diet

*Make an appointment to see your doctor before starting any diet or health plan.

*Stock up on food favorites from the Candida diet list.

*Throw out anything that isn’t on the list and that may be high in starch and sugar.

*Avoid temptation to cheat and consume off-limit foods by eating three meals a day and a few snacks. Being hungry will only make you crave carbs and other foods that are bad for you.

*Use your favorite recipes, substituting off-limit food items with ones on the Candida food list.

*There are no limits as to how much you can eat on this diet. Simply eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re satisfied. Avoid overeating.

Candida Diet Timeframe

*If Candida symptoms are mild, you may choose to eat from the list of foods for two weeks.

*For those who have moderate to severe symptoms, staying on the Candida diet for two months or longer may be practical.

*People who have been fighting with yeast infections for years may choose to stay on the Candida Albicans foods indefinitely, adding a few changes over time.

*The foods on the list are healthy and well tolerated by most individuals.

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*After being on the Candida cleanse diet for a few weeks you may feel more energetic, have a more positive mood, improved mental focus, and will probably lose some weight as well.

*Omnivores, vegetarians and vegans can all follow the Candida food plan.

Candida Diet Protein List

Eat protein with each meal since it will help keep you full longer and assist the body in healing, while increasing energy levels.

Omnivore proteins include

*Lean meats
*All items on the vegetarian and vegan lists

Vegetarians proteins include

*Dairy products, especially plain yogurt with live active cultures
*All items on the Vegan list.

Vegan proteins include

*Nut butters

Note: Not all people can tolerate dairy products as it may increase their Candida symptoms.

Candida Diet Vegetable List

All vegetables eaten during a Candida detox should be low on the glycemic scale. These would include:

*Green, leafy vegetables
*Brussels sprouts
*Carrots (raw, not cooked)

Note: Avoid starchy vegetables like corn, potatoes and yams. When digested, they turn into sugar in the system and feed the yeast. Vegetables low on the glycemic index starve Candida and absorb the toxins from the dead yeast, eliminating them from the body.

Candida Diet Fruit List

Since most all fruits are high in natural sugar, they’re greatly reduced while being on the Candida cleanse. You can enjoy the following fruits:

*Granny Smith apples
*All other berries

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Note: Avoid all fruit juices since they’re high in natural sugar and feed yeast.

Candida Diet Grains List

Stick to low glycemic grains while on the Candida diet since they help to keep blood sugar levels even, have more fiber, and starve yeast.

*Brown rice
*Breads and pastas made from those grains

Note: Not everyone can eat grains while on the Candida diet as they can make symptoms worse. The above grains have the least side effects, but see how you do when eating them.

Candida Diet Beverage List

It’s important to stay hydrated and flush the dead yeast from your system. Doing so will help to ease many of the Candida die-off symptoms such as headaches and constipation.


*Seltzer water or club soda

*Herbal teas – Drink these plain or with no-calorie sweetener, hot or iced. Peppermint is one of the best to help kill off Candida

*Unsweetened cranberry juice. (Not cranberry cocktail or cranberry blended with other juices.) You can make a healthy drink by by adding a splash of unsweetened cranberry juice to 8oz of water or club soda and adding no-calorie sweetener to taste.

*Lemonade – Make with 8oz water, one tablespoon of lemon juice and one or two packets of no-calorie sweetener

Candida Diet Sweeteners List

All no-calorie sweeteners are allowed.

*Sweet n’ Low
*Stevia, etc.

Note: Some people can have artificial sweeteners and not experience any problems while others notice heart palpitations, headaches, anxiety, and more. Artificial sweeteners may also increase carbohydrate cravings in some individuals. Pay attention to any symptoms you may have after consuming no-cal sweeteners and avoid them if they bother you.

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Candida Diet Fats List

Fats should be used in moderation since they are high in calories.

*Olive oil
*Canola oil
*Grape seed oil
*Avocado oil
*Flaxseed oil
*Coconut oil

Note: You can make a healthier alternative to plain butter by mixing two sticks of room temperature butter with one cup of chosen oil from the above list. Mix well and store in the refrigerator in a bowl with a tight fitting lid. Use as a spread on toast, for cooking, and anywhere else you would normally use butter.

Candida Diet Booster List

The following foods and supplements can help boost the effects of your Candida cleanse health plan.

*Lemon juice
*Vitamin C
*Oregano oil capsules
*Peppermint oil capsules
*Grapefruit seed extract
*Psyllium husk fiber

Note: These foods and supplements are excellent at killing the Candida fungus and help to eliminate them from the body. For supplements, take as directed on the bottle.

Eating only from the lists of anti-Candida foods will help to kill off the yeast and eventually restore your health and vitality.


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