Candy Cane Light Stakes: Product Review

Looking across the street 2 weeks ago our family noticed something…lights! Christmas lights, and lots of them. Our neighbor decided to go all out for Christmas.

As happy as this light display made our family, it also made us disappointed. In ourselves. Our house ad no lights, our house is dark, and cars that ride by are slowing down to check out his oh so holly jolly light display. That bastard!!!

We had a mission. We needed lights, and we needed a lot of em’.

We first headed off to the Home Depot where we split the $280.00 bill for lights. Yes, thats no exaggeration, the bill for lights came to $280.19 to be exact. Split among 5 people though, it was not as bad as it sounds. Lipa would be proud too, because we bought 80% LED, which landed us a $2.00 savings coupon from LIPA. Yay for energy savings.

After stapling lights to the roof, framing the windows and doors, and hanging up last years lights to trees, we were in good shape. Our house looked good, damn good even.

The guy across the street though….grrr….his lights still looked better!

Our next light adventure took us to Walmart. We knew we had plenty of lights, but what we were missing were the cute final touch ups. You know, lighted reindeer, sleds, or possibly some inflatables.

We came across a few things and slung them in our cart. Down the isle I spotted something cute; Candy Cane Lighted Stakes, for only $2.27 each.

I knew they would look perfect lining up our walkway in the front yard. 4 for each side, and we were good to go.

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Set Up:

Setting the candy canes up are fairly easy. The only difficulty we ran into was lining the stakes slots up with the wires than hung from the bottom. You sort of had to slide the wire into the stakes slot correctly, otherwise you could seriously end up splicing the wire. Overall it took about a minute or 2 per cane to slide the wires into the stakes correctly.

Afterward, all we had to so was connect each lights plug to one another. The plugs gave us about 2 feet distance from one another in order to line them up. I liked this, because it took placement guesswork out of the whole process. Each Candy Cane Light Stake was properly distanced from one another, and the stakes slid easily into the ground.

At night the Candy Cane Lighted Stakes really brought a charming jolly finished look to the light display we had going on. Eat your heart out guy across the street! Bwhahaha!!!


For only $2.27 you cannot go wrong. The Candy Cane Lighted Stakes are cheap, they look great, and they are an excellent addition to you outdoor Christmas light display. I would recommend about 8 of the stakes for the best result, but honestly 4 lights will look just as good.

You can pick up the stakes (which are about about 2.5 feet high) at any local Walmart. The canes do not come packed in boxes. They sit out in the open in a large box down the Christmas lights isle. Get em’ before they are gone.

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I was not able to locate the stakes I’m referring to on their site for sale. You can buy similar lights in a box set of 4 for $9.94 on their site. These particular lights though are smaller than the ones you can find in the actual store.