Candy Creek’s Sugar-Free Kosher Lollipops Guarantee Smiles

One of my favorite things to do for the holidays is make stockings for my nieces and nephews and fill them with goodies. However, because of the many diabetics and hyperactive children in the family, I try to keep the treats healthy. I tend to stick with tiny presents and activity books, but I always include one or two tasty morsels. This years pick? Lollipops from Candy Creek.

After searching the net for a good buy, I chose Candy Creek’s lollipops primarily because their website was so convincing. They pride themselves on being a family-owned and operated business — and I have great respect for that — whose taste-testers are foremost their own children. Since they offer a satisfaction guarantee (or your money back), I was sold that their product must be pretty good.

Still, before passing the treats on to my candy-fiend bunch, I taste-tested one of each flavor myself. Of course, I didn’t always stop with just one — several of the sour apple and raspberry pops made their ways to my personal stash. As a candy connoisseur who has been told I have taste buds remarkably similar to those of an 8 year old, I highly recommend these treats as ones your kids (and even you) will probably love — my nieces and nephews loved them! (The dentists and pediatricians will also thank you.)

Want even more reasons to sample Candy Creek’s treats? All of their pops are made with the popular “Safety Stick” by Setterstix Corporation. Candy Creek will create branded pops in various sizes to promote school functions or display kids’ names for parties or other events. They also offer great gift selections. Candy Creek Pops are made in the USA and shipped within 48 hours free of charge.

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Of course, for those of you who want your sugar fix, Candy Creek also makes the real thing. Their Classic flavors include Persian lime, watermelon, raspberry crush, wild strawberry, Georgia peach, Italian lemon, Concord grape,tangerine, root beer and blue berry blast, as well as butterscotch swirl and peppermint.

Candy Creek has a good variety of sugar-free flavors (flavored with SPLENDA┬«). Their sugar-free flavors include peppermint, butterscotch swirl, strawberry, watermelon, sour apple, Concord grape, raspberry, tangerine, lemonaid, and blue berry blast. In addition to offering their sugar-free varieties, their candy is Kosher, salt-free, non-fat and has zero net carbohydrates. What do they do to make their lollipops taste so good? I guess that’s a family secret.