Care Bears & Care Cousins: A Decade of Adorable

Whom could resist a cute, cuddly and absolutely adorable Care Bear?! Personally, I do not have any interest in bears yet, a Care Bear, especially Grumpy tends to bring a smile to my face even in my sourest mood.

The 1980’s brought us The Care Bears, lovable looking toys but whom would have anticipated the mass explosion they assisted bringing us two movies, cards, toys beyond belief and then The Care Bear Cousins, a lion, lamb, raccoon, elephant, penguin, monkey, cat and dog.

If you really, really know your Care Bears, you might be able to answer this question: what two Care Bears characters actually swapped their colors? When the first Care Bears teddy bears were being made, someone made a goof and Bedtime Bear, who is blue, got his color switched with Wish Bear, who is aqua. The mistake was discovered and the bears were switched back to their appropriate hues. No one thought anyone would notice, but the kids did. A special Care Bears story was written to explain how, on an important caring mission, Wish Bear needed to change to Bedtime Bear’s blue to get into the land of dreams. If you know someone with an aqua Bedtime Bear or a Blue Wish Bear, you should let them know they have a very magical bear indeed!

One particular note, it has been said that King Arthur helped inspire the name of Love-A-Lot the elephant whom joined The Care Bears in the family tree for The Care Bear Cousins. Look carefully and see if your Care Bear has a red heart if not it may indeed be a fake for only a true Care Bear shall possess the small red heart on it’s hip.

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Tenderheart Bear: The name says it best, this loving bear always shows us to accept one another even in fault. Cheer Bear: Smile and spread thoughts of joy no matter the saddness. Funshine Bear: This bear always finds the sun shining. Wish Bear: Dream and with this all your wishes can come true.
Grumpy Bear: He is quite stubborn and moody at times but his heart is always in the right spot. Good Luck Bear: When this bear’s around luck shall find you. Love-A-Lot Bear: This bear wears two hearts, whom could resist her she’s a sweetheart of a friend. Friend Bear: The best pal anyone could ever have!

Birthday Bear: Everyday is a party when this guy’s around! Bedtime Bear: Tucked away for the night off dreaming of dancing stars in the pale moonlight. Secret Bear: Your secret’s safe with him.
Champ Bear: A true sportsman and an even better friend. Share Bear: There’s always two when you share with her. Harmony Bear: This girl helps keep serenity and peace amongst the family, even Grumpy.

Baby Hugs Bear: One of the newest Care Bear’s this little one loves to hug and show affection! Baby Tugs Bear: Always keeping his eye on his little sister this ‘lil one is another new addition to the family. Grams Bear: The matriach of the family, the word of reason.
Braveheart Lion: This guy’s not afraid of anything! Lotsa Heart Elephant: She has a heart as big as her appetite. Gentle Heart Lamb: Favorite motto: be kind and gentle with all.

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Treat Heart Pig: Everyone deserves the best of everything. Bright Heart Raccoon: He will help light your way. Playful Heart Monkey: The master of comedy!
Swift Heart Rabbit: Faster than a speeding star. Cozy Heart Penguin: She likes to keep everyone feeling warm and loved. Loyal Heart Dog: Always loyal and faithful especially to his best friend. Proud Heart Cat: Indefinite pride for yourself and everyone around you at all times.