Carlo’s Bakery, Cake Boss Sell Out Hoboken Residents

Carlo’s Bake Shop, the most overrated bakery in all of Hoboken, New Jersey and infamous home of The (soon to have name changed due to copyright infringement) Cake Boss, was once a normal, quiet bakery full of moderately priced goods that didn’t light your world on fire. Then, the bakery was featured on a TLC program, those working inside the bakery amped up their personalities to level 10 “Jerz” and Hoboken residents such as myself stopped going anywhere near the place.

The popularity of The Cake Boss program brought hundreds of unwanted tourists into Hoboken, leading to very long lines outside of the Bake Shop’s front door.Carlo’s Bakery recently made a policy change that benefited Hoboken residents, the exact individuals the bakery was originally meant to serve when it first opened. Individuals with Hoboken ID (i.e. a Hoboken license) could skip the ridiculously long line and enter the bakery without waiting.

This policy lasted about five seconds, as Carlo’s Bakery has officially sold out Hoboken residents. Myself and two other Hoboken residents attempted to skip the line this Sunday, well just because we could. We were sent away at the door, however, due to a “big issue” that was not specified. The gentleman at the door did not expect the 4’11” woman to my right to take exception to this policy change. As the wife asked him why we could not skip the line and enter Carlo’s Bakery, we were told exactly what we expected.

“Tourists in line were starting to yell at Hoboken residents. It was causing a problem and people were threatening to leave the line.”

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That’s right. Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken would rather appease individuals from New York, Connecticut and other New Jersey towns than the city that made the bakery a success in the first place. Carlo’s Bakery is hardly the best bake shop in Hoboken and not being able to enter the bakery is no loss for this guy. Both Sweet and Crumbs in Hoboken outdo Carlo’s Bakery in every possible way. Carlo’s Bakery is now going out of its way to shun Hoboken residents.

Myself and other like-minded Hoboken residents wish Carlo’s Bakery the best in its future endeavors. We won’t be giving the bakery money anytime soon.

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