Carnival Cruise Review from Vancouver, B.C. To Alaska

If you dream of taking an exotic vacation at an affordable price, then a voyage on a luxury cruise ship just might be for you. Alaska is an ideal destination as the sights are absolutely exhilarating, and Vancouver harbour at Canada Place is the major departure point for ocean cruises through the inland waterways of British Columbia and up to Alaska.

Carnival Cruise Lines offers a handsome package starting at around $800 per person, and they are rated as one of the best cruise ships when it comes to a fully packed itinerary, comfort, dining, and other accommodations. Carnival is always on top of their game, and consistently thinking of new ways for passengers to get the best experience that a cruise vacation has to offer.

A typical cruise usually extends over a seven day period with visits to various locations. Your journey begins at one of the most beautiful cities in the world as Vancouver; B.C. is dominated by a majestic natural harbor that remains ice-free year round. Visitors come here to enjoy fantastic cuisine, world-class entertainment, and unlimited shopping opportunities, as well as relax and play on the beautiful beaches or take in the sights at the enchanting rain forest. Once you have taken in Vancouver’s extreme people friendly atmosphere you can then prepare to board your cruise ship and the journey of a life time.

Once you depart Vancouver, B.C., you will begin your ocean vacation by settling in and enjoying the many amenities on the cruise ship as you are sailing through some of the most spectacular scenery on earth. Your first stop begins at the Inside Passage, located along the beautiful coast of British Columbia. Here you can take in the splendid orcas and humpback whales as you cruise the passage to the historic Alaskan ports of Juneau, Skagway and Ketchikan.

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Juneau, Alaska is next on the list of stops, and here you will find some of the greatest dining experiences, museums and shopping, as well as friendly small town quaintness. Glacier Bay will soon be in sight as you enter Southeast Alaska with all of its offerings. The protected animal park is the highlight of Glacier Bay, and you will witness fifteen active glaciers, numerous seabirds, otters and humpback whales as this area is lush with ocean life. Skagway, Alaska is next on the itinerary, and you won’t want to miss the rustic wooden sidewalks, old fashion saloons, and the native fishing village filled to the brim with prospectors. This quaint town rests peacefully at the base of the river and is bordered by the picturesque Coast Mountains.

Ketchikan, Alaska is quite possibly one of the most popular highlights of your cruise as it is swarming with Native American culture with relics proudly displayed throughout the city that are simply eye stopping as they are some of the most impressive collections of artifacts you will ever see. The climate is wonderful and the city is filled with exciting things to sample along your path through the rustic streets and scenic harbor. The action is endless and there is something for everyone to enjoy. Village tours, canoe rides, bear watching expeditions, and a journey to Mahoney Lake to take in the cascading waterfall is only the beginning of things to do in Ketchikan, Alaska.

You have now almost completed your itinerary of shore excursions as you head back to Vancouver, B.C. Now you can explore the many offerings on the ship if you haven’t already done so. A favorite of guests is Club 02 and the wine club. The casinos, pools, and the Spa carnival also draw in guests as a way of unwinding after a long day of exciting adventures. Camp Carnival is designed for children between the ages of 2-17, with activities planned for each individual age group. Carnival’s Club 02 is perfect for older teens as they can dance to hip music, watch movies, play video games, and hang out in the teens-only lounges.

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Included with your ocean voyage on Carnival Cruise Lines are some of the finest accommodations, excellent dining experiences, camp carnival, entertainment, and activities.

Accommodations: Every Carnival guest is assured plenty of spacious and comfortable accommodations. All staterooms offer plenty of drawer and closet space, private showers and restrooms, telephones and color television, showing first-rate films.

Dining: Sophisticated dining is enjoyed nightly as an extensive wine list accompanies the finely prepared cuisine. The dining rooms are formal and considered a culinary event with Master Chef’s preparing elegant dishes that include fresh lobster, prime rib, and many other culinary masterpieces.

Camp carnival: Toddlers to teens can enjoy activities designed for their age. Outdoor fun including swimming, parties, games, shows and scavenger hunts are only the beginning of the many things designed just for kids. Dance classes, video games, arts & crafts, coloring and cookie decorating are also on the children’s itinerary.

Entertainment: Stage shows featuring some of the most talented performers are a favorite, as is the live entertainment that comes with everything from comedians to country and rock bands giving live performances. The nightclubs thrive with people in the partying mood that are looking to dance the night away or you can sing along with the piano player. The bar is packed to the hilt with specialty drinks and the music is all state of the art and modern. The cruise ship also offers casinos that have all of the popular games found at any other fine casino. Mega Cash, slot machines, Roulette, and poker can all be found in the ships casinos.

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Activities: Shuffleboard, volleyball, swimming, golf, backgammon, bridge clubs, theaters, unique boutiques, a jogging track, and spa treatments are only a sampling of the activities that can be found on the cruise ship. Loafing around in the lounge chairs while soaking up the sun is by far a favored pass time of the guests as the breath taking sites of ocean life is simply breath taking.

Cruise Tip for Alaska: The cruise season in Alaska runs from May to September, with July and August being the most popular months for travel. May is the best month for enjoying the native wildflowers and September is great for viewing the fall foliage.