Cartier, Cross, and Montblanc: A Review of High End Writing Instruments

For a writer the gift of high end writing instruments is as decadent as chocolate is to the chocolate lover. Most writers are obsessed with their writing instruments, so we have a natural love for high end writing instruments. This article will review a few of the most popular high end writing instruments including Cartier, Cross, and Montblanc.

Writers not the only group of individuals, who love and enjoy an exquisite, finely tuned high-end writing instrument. Not only is this the perfect gift for a writer friend or loved one on that special day, but it is also the perfect reward gift for oneself. Knowing ones taste helps, but if not insure that the recipient can return and or exchange the gift. As a guideline you want to consider the persons career, style, and gender in choosing a basic or ornate high-end writing instrument.

Cartier is a renowned French jeweler and watchmaker that also offer a line of high end writing instruments. The prices depend on the style of the pen and whether or not it is a fountain pen or ballpoint. In reviewing a more classic style of writing instrument the Diabolo De Cartier Pen is a black composite ballpoint pen with platinum finish details and a sky blue cabochon on the pen cap. The reputation and uniqueness of the Cartier high end writing instruments is known for its fullness of form and featherweight. A great choice for a female gift is the Diabolo Mini Pink which is a soft pink lacquered with platinum-finished details, accented by a pink cabochon set on the cap for a perfect elegant touch. The average price is $310.00. This particular choice is part of their corporate gifts selection and an excellent choice for a retirement or graduation gift. The price range is from $350.00 to $405.00 depending on specifics. For more information visit the Web site.

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Cross is one of the most popular high end writing instruments, usually given as graduation gifts. The A.T. Cross company in business for over 158 years is known for creating fine writing instruments by combining unique design while attaining the craftsmanship of fine jewelry. Cross pens are very practical, and average priced to make gift giving easy, while at the same time receiving a quality item. A favorite for gift giving is the A.T. Cross Midnight Blue Fountain Pen, which runs an average of $127.00. The matching ballpoint is $56.25. For an ultramodern gift check out the Cross Verve Platinum Select Tip Pen, which looks like a platinum spaceship. The average cost is 160.00, with a sister Merlot Fountain Pen ranging at $280.00, both an excellent buy for the quality of workmanship for such unique high end writing instruments. For more information visit the Web site.

Montblanc, a name synonymous with high-end writing instruments, quality, and obsessive-compulsive writers, offers a selection of the most beautiful pens ever. From the Montblanc Classique Platinum Roller Ball Pen to the Fountain Pen, the smoothness and precision with each stroke of the hand makes one become fully absorbed in the act of writing. Prices for Montblancs depend on style and availability. The average price range is $200.00 for a basic ballpoint up. For more information visit the Web site.

The selection of high end writing instruments reviewed, Cartier, Cross, and Montblanc are but a few of many. Though they are as decadent a pleasure to own as they are to give as a gift, you might want to shop around, and visit a couple of Internet sites for competitive prices.

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