Cat Genie, an Expensive Litter Box Alternative

The Cat Genie is an expensive automated litter system for your feline companions. Priced around $300.00, plus the maintenance items, litter granules and cleaning solution, it’s easy to pass it by for a less expensive model.

At first glance, the Cat Genie resembles a human toilet and it works in a similar fashion too. It scoops the litter, washes the litter and then blow-dries the litter for the next use. The process can be automated for cleaning up to four times per day or you can simply push the button whenever you feel it is necessary. It is hooked up to a fresh water supply for the cleaning process and as it is cleaning it grinds up the solids and disposes of them through your own sanitation system, whether it be a public sewage system or private septic. The entire process takes about 34 minutes. For additional details, visit their site at

I am a Sphynx and Bambino breeder and share my home with multiple, fully litter trained cats. I have been using the Cat Genie for 30 days at the point of this review with about a 50% acceptance rate.

My first experience with this system nearly had me running to return the unit. The Genie didn’t collect all of the solid waste and once the blow dry process began the smell in my home was horrific! It is necessary to observe the process and watch for potential left behind solids. The directions recommended that you not run the unit at first as to not scare the cats so the solids kind of dry out during this point and seem difficult to be removed. In the thirty days of using the unit I have had one other similar experience, which the solids became trapped under the rake and not washed away, the resulting aroma was unmistakable and equally horrifying. This is my one serious caveat with this unit and for the price of the unit I would have not expected this result.

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Annoying but not serious is the fact that the litter granules, although never need replacing only replenishing, are very lightweight and highly tracking. I find them all over my home and this will be the cause of replenishing the litter more often than I thought should be necessary.

Annoying also, but not serious is the scented cleaning solution which has a slightly sweet cinnamon scent. I do not generally associate this aroma with cleanliness but it is not obnoxious and I can live with it.

Training your cats to use the unit may also be a serious problem depending upon how patient you are. I followed the directions that address the issue of training your cats to use the unit and when I finally removed their old litter box, they were very unhappy and had several accidents. This may just be my particular cats.

The machine is about the sound of a dishwasher and at the time of this review, my cats still do not like it. I have been more successful closing the door and running it with them not allowed to see or hear it in operation. I have still not been able to use the fully automated mode. I tried it for 2 days and they again rejected using it preferring other inappropriate locations. I am still struggling with the idea of giving them their old litter pans back.

The unit, in concept, is wonderful and amazing. My biggest concerns are training the animals to welcome the unit and the missed collection of solids resulting in an unforgettable odor.