A Great Way to Reduce Your Junk Mail and Perhaps Help the Environment is a great service offered to consumers who are tired of those catalogs arriving in their mailboxes that they never use. If you are tired of all those clothing, electronics, knick-knack, and other such catalogs filling your mailbox, and consider them nothing more than junk mail then you should visit to rid yourself of the waste of paper.

In this increasingly environmentally conscious day and age, you would think that you would need to request that a certain catalog for it to appear in your mailbox, but such is not the case. I still remember being in high school and having our families mailbox filled with catalogs from Delia’s and Alloy, both teen clothing companies, as well as Dell, at the time the premier PC computer company. We received these catalogs every month, and I am sure that if my parents had had access to a website like at the time, they would have quickly put a halt to this junk mail.

It is so unnecessary for companies to send out catalogs through the mail in order for consumers to purchase their products. I would much rather receive an e-mail from these companies in my mailbox, than have them chop down forests so that they can fill my mailbox with junk mail. This is why I was so excited to find out about and think about its, not necessarily intention, environmental benefits. It is only in theory, however, that I can say that stands the help the environment. My theory being that, the less people on a company’s mailing list, the less junk mail they will produce, of course.

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It was quite easy and fast to sign up to All I had to do was fill in my name, e-mail address, mailing address, and agree to terms and conditions in order to begin reducing the junk mail and hopefully saving the environment.

I found the Delia’s, Alloy, and Dell catalogs on’s list along with many others. The catalogs on their list are also easy to find, as they are listed in alphabetical order and one can click on the letter of the alphabet that their undesired catalog junk mail begins with.

So, if your teenage daughter is receiving the Delia’s and Alloy catalogs that I began receiving in middle school, and my sister still receives, and you are tired of telling her she can’t have everything in them, they simply visit

If you are receiving the Dell catalog, and let me take this chance to say I don’t recommend purchasing anything out of it without also purchasing an extensive warranty (but that is a whole other article), and you don’t want to purchase anything displayed in this piece of junk mail, then simply go to and easily and quickly cancel it.