Can Help You Get Rid of Unwanted Catalogs

There are some people who enjoy receiving catalogs in their mail and then there are people who call this junk mail and wish that they could put an end to the clutter that it has caused.

For those people who wish to get rid of the catalogs and magazines, there is good news. is website that allows you to cancel catalog subscriptions online without having to worry about your information being sold to another company. is easy to register with and easy to use. I signed up today so that I could get rid of the catalogs that I don’t want and keep the ones that I do.

While I was at I also got a chance to look at the other websites of companies that I might be interested in. I signed up for a few that I liked and canceled the ones that I really didn’t want or need.

The main catalog that I hated to receive and finally was able to get rid of was Fingerhut. I am a frugal shopper and really did not need this in my way tempting me to purchase their glamorous items. They were able to pull me into receiving their catalog after I purchased an item online at their website. I enjoyed their easy pay options but hated that it would cost me more to pay for the product in payments. I probably paid twice as much for the item than what it was actually worth. I still find myself thumbing through their catalog and website but I really do not need that type of temptation.

One catalog that I did sign up for while at was BabyStyle. I have kids and am always interested in sales. I checked out the website first and then seen what type of sales that they have and was impressed enough to want to receive their catalog in the mail. Call me a nut ball but I can’t resist a bargain when I see one which could also be a downfall if you are trying to save money.

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Now here is a great catalog that I decided to keep, Sam’s. If you don’t know Sam’s or Sam’s Club, then you must have been living on Mars with those so called aliens that they have been talking about. Sam’s is a great store where you can get everyday items from food, clothing, house supplies, furniture, and more. With Sam’s you have to purchase a membership to be able to purchase items from their warehouse but if you have a large family like mine, it might just be worth it.

The good news about these three catalogs that I have listed is that they are all on so if you don’t like those, sign up there and cancel your subscription.