Manhattan Resident Parking Tax Exemption

While some may consider it a fools game to have or keep a car in Manhattan, the fact is we all have different needs! For many New Yorkers, a car is just a thing that they can’t do without. Perhaps they commute regularly to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Connecticut; renting a car several times a … Read more

Choosing Snow Tires, Studded Tires, or Snow Chains

Driving in snow and ice is not easy. You can make the experience safer and less stressful by choosing the right tires for your area and the normal road conditions. Tire options include regular snow tires, studded snow tires, and snow chains. Some areas restrict the use of studded tires; other areas will require chains … Read more

Can You Insure a Car You Don’t Own?

There are many situations in which the question arises: can I insure a car that I don’t legally own? For instance, kids may want to insure cars which their parents originally bought them, even though the vehicle is titled to the parents. Also, people may borrow or use a friend or family member’s car, truck, … Read more

Valve Lifters and How They Work in Your Car

Tick Tick tick tick ! My old engine was sounding a bit noisy I thought. And wasn’t the power down a good bit also? And come to think of it..had I not noticed a flutter in the acceleration a time or two..or maybe under a heavy pull like climbing one of these ski slopes we … Read more

Top 5 Cheap Scooters

Are you looking for a powered scooter but don’t want to spend the price of a new small car for a name brand? Well then, consider one of the available options below! Whether you are looking for a street legal scooter that can handle highway speeds, something for just around town, or a full blown … Read more

Tractor Review: Branson Tractors 2400h Subcompact Tractor

Branson Tractors is a relatively new brand in the U.S. agricultural market, making its début in 1998. Its parent company, Kukje Machinery, is based out of South Korea and boasts 42 years of agricultural manufacturing history. Kukje Machinery has strategic agreements with both John Deere as a distributor/builder and with Cummins to design and produce … Read more

How to Plan a Cross-country Motorcycle Tour

The highway opens up before you, and a cascade of sunset washes across the road as the wind roars in your hair. Everything’s in place for your long distance motorcycle tour. Whether you’re taking in one state or fifty, with a night in Tijuana before heading home, a cross-country motorcycle tour requires a great deal … Read more

Personalizing Your Teen’s Car with Accessories

Once your teen starts driving and gets their own car, they will want to make it uniquely their own. Affordable accessories can give your teen’s automobile a look that corresponds to their personality and expresses their individuality. Popular themes are cartoon characters, like Tweety Bird and Tinker Bell; camouflage, butterflies, flowers and tattoo style designs, … Read more