Using Purple Nitrile Gloves for the Best Protection

Gloves are important protection in any medical, industrial and factory work. They protect the person from hand scratches, injuries, and cuts as well as exposure to certain chemicals. There are several gloves used for several purposes and these purposes are dependent on the kind of material the glove is made up of. Purple nitrile gloves … Read more

Schick Quattro for Women VS. Gillette Venus Breeze

Shopping for a woman’s razor can be a confusing job. You can buy anything from disposable razors that cost next to nothing or you can buy an electric razor that costs upwards of $100 or you can buy one of the many razors that are available in between. I personally like to use a decent … Read more

How to Load Black-Powder Shotguns

As always, safety comes first when dealing with black powder. This means no smoking should be permitted, and there should be no use of black powder out of the one-pound can in which it comes. You sure do not want to have a pound of this burning up in your face, so always work in … Read more

Best Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is a summer beauty essential. Be it for the pool, beach, or an active and hot sweaty day, waterproof mascara saves you the embarrassment and inconvenience of the raccoon eye look that can result from any of these situations. The best waterproof mascara for you is very easy to find since it is … Read more

Why Did Robert Pattinson Cut His Hair?

For more information on the casting of the Twilight sequel, New Moon click here. For Eclipse, click here. Why Did Robert Pattinson Cut His Hair? Did you just hear that RPattz or Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame, just cut his hair? When I went to Google for information, I discovered that it wasn’t just me … Read more