Top 5 Barriers to Effective Teamwork

For teams to work together successful they often need to overcome a number of barriers. The basic benefit of team is many minds and bodies working together to accomplish a common goal. Truly successful teams take advantage of the unique strengths and perspectives of the individuals that make up the group. However, often the differences … Read more

Management Research for the 21st Century

The Scientific Management Era was by the likes of Frederick W. Taylor’s Principles of Scientific Management. Management science, during the 1900s, not as wide spread a it is in history bookmarked today. Management science does in fact, trace back to the early 1900s. For this reason, management science has developed throughout history and has created … Read more

How to Write a Short Film Script

Filmmakers have two primary reasons for shooting short films. One is to learn how to become a filmmaker. And the other is to gain exposure to the film industry. Often times, filmmakers will embark upon a short with both goals in mind. But, in terms of writing a short screenplay, each of those motives influences … Read more

How to Write a Request for Proposal

Writing a Request for Proposal (commonly called “RFP) takes a little bit of planning in deciding who, what when and how. The RFP format should be written where it’s in a standardized format and all vendors proposals look the same and provide the same information. Writing an RFP requires some strategic planning and communication among … Read more