How to Get a Michigan CDL License

The Michigan Secretary of State runs the commercial driver’s license program. Individuals interested in driving large truck, buses and similar commercial vehicles must determine the requirements for a Michigan CDL license. Applicants who need a commercial driver’s license must first pass a written knowledge test. After that, they can get a permit to train on … Read more

Freelance Writing Tips: How to Sell Articles

As a successful freelancer writer, I mused an article on what I’ve learned would be in order. I haven’t had any major magazine sales, but I have been published here on AC, on online publications, and I’m an editor at a newspaper. There are keys in becoming a freelancer, foremost is freelancing for a profit. … Read more

Billy Joel’s 10 Best Songs Ever

Although I didn’t become a dedicated Billy Joel fan until my senior year in high school, his musical career happened to bloom during my childhood years. His first (and perhaps most popular) big hit, “Piano Man”” was released in 1973, the same year as my 10th birthday and it was probably one of the songs … Read more

Commonly Asked Interview Questions

Preparing for an interview can be nerve-wracking, and thinking about the questions asked is normally the main concern, but don’t avoid it. Yes, there are the rare people who can just prance into an interview and answer any question without preparation, but the majority of us cannot. Be kind to yourself and increase your chances … Read more

Employment Staffing Agencies in Montgomery, Alabama

Employment staffing agencies in Montgomery, Alabama are a great way to find the job you have always wanted. Employment Staffing Agencies in Montgomery, Alabama are a convenient way to find a job without letting your job search consume every free moment you may have. Employment staffing agencies in Montgomery, Alabama offer their clients a chance … Read more