Poetic Forms: The Villanelle

A villanelle is a type of formal poetry. While the word villanelle is French, it is derived from the Italian word, villanella. A villanella was a rustic, Italian dance enjoyed in the 16th century. This style of poetry had its debut in 16th century France, and has been employed by many famous poets since that … Read more

Adam and Eve — a Poem

Adam and Eve,They lived in the Garden,Followed God’s laws,And became very ardent. God warned them, not to eat….. From the old Tree of Life, She did not listen, And as Adam’s wife. She ate of the apple, So juicy and sweet, And thought all the while, Oh, what a treat. She tried to get Adam … Read more

Bram Stoker: The Life of a Irish Gothic Novelist

Bram (Abraham) Stoker was born in Dublin in 1847. He was the son of a civil servant, and later followed reluctantly in his father’s footsteps, becoming a clerk at Dublin Castle. Unhappy with his menial job, he pursued a career in writing, starting with the publication of The Chain of Destiny which appeared in four … Read more

The Man in the Zubaz Pants

There is an understanding amongst American people that Zubaz pants don’t exactly.. uh… “catapult women into orgasm.” A line of clothing that came to fame in the early 1990’s, Zubaz fell sharply from grace by the mid 90’s*. And its appearances since then have been out of amusing homage and obvious insult to their design. … Read more

Plot Development Tips for Your Fiction

You have more than likely read a story so intriguing you could not put the book down until you finished it. What was the compelling feature about the story that kept you reading? Often readers are drawn to finish a story because of the plot, the events and actions which occur from the beginning to … Read more

W.B. Yeats: Irish Poet for the Ages

William Butler Yeats, born 1865, rose to prominence as a worldwide literary figure during his lifetime and secured his position as the most well-known Irish poet unto this day. W.B. Yeats, who won the 1923 Nobel Prize in Literature, spearheaded the Irish Literary Revival. Also a playwright, Yeats founded the famous Abbey Theatre with other … Read more

Robert Browning, Elizabeth Barrett Browning Exemplified Perfection in Poetry

During the lives of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, their poetry was considered to be the epitome of the day. Both were prolific writers even before their marriage. Robert Browning wrote hundreds of poems, dozens of plays and hundreds of letters to his wife and friends. Elizabeth Barrett Browning published over a dozen volumes of … Read more