Decorating a Bungalow House

Bungalow style homes are extremely common in the are of Saint Louis that I grew up in. It just so happens that the first home my husband and I purchased was a typical brick bungalow. There’s a certain charm that comes along with a cozy little house built so well. When decorating my house, I … Read more

Kohler Rain Tile Installation

If you found this article because you are attempting to install the Kohler k-8030 or k-8031 rain tile panel, let me first admonish you that despite appearances, suicide is not a reasonable alternative to installing this kit. The parts are complex, the instructions are lousy, and when you search the internet for the Kohler rain … Read more

DIY Cinco De Mayo Decorations

Many people have Cinco de Mayo parties at their home. These parties can be very inexpensive. All the Cinco de Mayo decorations can be made at home. They are inexpensive and best of all they are do it yourself decorations. Homemade Cinco de Mayo decorations are very popular due to the ease of making them. … Read more

50 Charming Craft Projects

Welcome to a haven of creativity where 50 beautiful craft projects are waiting to tempt you. Just choose your favorite crafting idea, then click the hyperlink for step-by-step instructions and pictures. Happy crafting! #1.Vintage Wall Art Craft Project Use thimbles, buttons, ribbons and kitchen towels to make vintage wall art yourself. See the pictures of … Read more

String Art, Decor and Craft Projects

You probably have string, thread, twine or other such items for tying, sewing and other household needs, but did you know that string is also good for many decor, craft and art projects? String is cheap, too, so you can use miles of it without racking up a huge tab on craft supplies. One type … Read more

Patio Privacy Net

Do you have an area outside where you love to sit and enjoy nature, coffee, or a mixed drink? Don’t you hate it when you go to your special place and neighbors can see you? It’s not like you’re doing anything wrong but it just feels uncomfortable for others to see you when you’re relaxing. … Read more

Wainscoting: Do-It-Yourself Installation

Wainscoting is an architectural feature that has experienced resurgence in recent years. No longer a feature primarily found in Victorian homes, these wooden panels that cover only the lower part of a wall can offer a sense of luxury and elegance. If you have some basic home improvement knowledge, consider installing wainscoting yourself to add … Read more

4 Easy Steps to a New Window Screen

A window screen is guaranteed to do two things: keep bugs out and rip. Whether it’s from the inevitable wear and tear of old age or a rip is caused by your cat clawing its way outside, a window screen can easily be replaced with just a few simple tools and basic know how. If … Read more