What Everyone Should Know About Sarcoid

Sarcoid is not one of the well known medical problems adults deal with like hypertension, diabetes or asthma. In fact many people have never even heard the term “sarcoidosis” or its abbreviated form “sarcoid”. Still there are sarcoid centers around the country which specialize in the care of patients suffering from sarcoid. There are doctors … Read more

Facts About Presbycusis, a Gradual Hearing Loss Attributed to Aging

People don’t speak up the way they should. I’m not talking about speaking up concerning political or religious views. I’m talking about volume. Yes, I’ve become one of those old folks who has a slight hearing problem. As it turns out, I’m one of the twenty-five percent of adults over sixty-five who suffers from some … Read more

Tips for Coping with a Bipolar Spouse

Being married to a spouse who has bipolar can be difficult at times because you never know what emotion they will express and how they will respond to different situations. To help understand common challenges someone faces with a spouse who has bipolar and tips for coping with a spouse with bipolar, I have interviewed … Read more

How I Began to Overcome My Depression

My experience with depression is something that I don’t usually like to talk about. Let’s face it, being depressed isn’t exactly something to boast about. However, I feel that sharing my experience with depression and how I am overcoming it might be of help to someone. So, here goes. The Cause of My Depression My … Read more

About Polycythemia Vera Cancer (PV) – A Non-Fatal Cancer

Recently a cluster of polycythemia vera cancer, more commonly known simply as PV, was discovered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Generally polycythemia vera is a rare cancer that does not traditionally cluster into case groups. However, in this instance, the victims of the condition all live near an industrial site and an investigation is ongoing to determine … Read more