Substance Abuse Issues Among Health Care Professionals with Ready Access to Drugs

When investigating any serious question, it is necessary to both identify what it is, exactly, that is being investigated, as well as what other reliable, scholarly research has found. This is especially true during an era in which modern medical technology and pharmacology result in an increasing number of individuals who must put their very … Read more

Thimerosal : Beware of The Allergy Symptoms

Thimerosal is a light-colored crystalline powder (trade name Merthiolate) that is primarily used as a surgical antiseptic. It is a mercury based compound which can also be found in your personal care products, make up, and childhood vaccines. Because this is found in childhood vaccines, doctors have recommended that autistic children and their siblings not … Read more

Harmful Homemade Bong Materials

Bongs are pretty elegant devices. I’ve seen some in head shops sell for over a thousand dollars with such brilliant glass craftsmanship that they would look at home in a temple somewhere. However, even a basic glass bong can strain the average person’s wallet, and there’s always the danger of it cracking or breaking if … Read more

Wet Weed: The Dangers of Marijuana Laced With PCP

Estes Contemporary Health Issues Pam Bass, Instructor “What Happens While ‘Wet’” Just below the first ranking alcohol, and second ranking cigarettes, marijuana comes in at the fourth next highest indulgence for full-time college students and other people equally. Six point three percent of students versus seven point one other individuals are reported to consume hallucinogens. … Read more