Normalization of Databases – Application & Website Development

“Normalization is a design technique that is widely used as a guide in designing relational databases. Normalization is essentially a two step process that puts data into tabular form by removing repeating groups and then removes duplicated data from the relational tables.” Goal of Normalization The goal of normalization is to create a set of … Read more

Preschool Songs and Dances for Toddlers

These songs have always been the most fun for toddlers to sing, while coordinating the dance movements according to each song’s instructions. I have placed the dance movements and instructions in parenthesis, to demonstrate for your preschoolers, while singing along with these happy songs. Exercise & Learning Songs Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes Repeat … Read more

Free Writer’s Training at Five Sites

Whether you are an experienced writer or a beginner who dreams of becoming one for a living, you need writing skills. Courses at community colleges are expensive. You don’t always have the time to devote to a classroom or textbook. Online colleges aren’t cheap either. Deadlines approach rapidly, teachers can grade harshly and distractions seem … Read more

Cyber School: Is On-Line Education for You?

For years people have been home schooling their children. For years people have been sending their children to public school. Cyber schooling offers the best of both worlds. It has the structured curriculum of a brick and mortar school and the convenience, freedom, and flexibility of home schooling. It also gives you the control over … Read more

Is that Cameo Real or Fake?

Cameos have been beloved adornments for over 2000 years. The most popular “real” cameos are considered to be those carved out of shell or hardstone like agate, carnelian, and onyx. In fact, expertly carved hardstone cameos are much more valuable than their shell counterparts. However, there are many other natural materials that cameos can be … Read more

Phrase Origins: Halcyon Days

I used to think that the phrase “Halcyon days” meant the “early days” or “the days before one was experienced.” However, this usage is actually incorrect. The phrase “Halcyon days,” means “calm, peaceful days.” It turns out that the phrase is very old. The origin starts with Ovid’s Metamorphoses which was thought to be written … Read more