Tips on Growing Lavender

Sweet scented spikes in shades of violet, Lavender’s delicate foliage and subtle bouquet provides an elegant summer show. Lavender is prized for both its fragrance and its color. The three main species are English, Spanish, and French. English Lavender features long grey or light blue stems that grow delicate flower spikes in late summer. The … Read more

Fighting Texas Weeds

Texas weeds can be a hassle to deal with, especially in the summer heat. Who wants to deal with weeds anytime of the year? Weeds make lawns look unhealthy and not pretty. Gardeners dread seeing them in their gardens. There are two types of weeds: Annual and Perennial. Annual ones come in one-year cycles and … Read more

Natural Homemade Food and Rainwater for Houseplants

Indoor plants require food just like all other forms of life, and if you want your houseplants to thrive it’s important to feed them as often as recommended according to their specific varieties. Store-bought plant food is rich in nutrients and highly beneficial, but it isn’t required for all houseplant varieties. Houseplants thrived in homes … Read more

How to Store Potatoes from the Garden

Potatoes are one of the cheapest and tastiest sources of carbohydrates, and they are even cheaper when homegrown in abundance and properly stored. One plant can produce several potatoes. Do not store potatoes from the garden in plastic bags like those found in grocery stores. Use the following ways to store spuds from the garden, … Read more

Easy Vegetables that Grow Indoors

Who doesn’t love fresh vegetables all year round? Don’t let winter be a reason to stop gardening, simply start growing most of your favorite vegetables in your own home, quick and easy! Growing your own vegetables indoors not only allows you to have delicious home-grown goodness whenever you want, but saves you money too. If … Read more

Dusty Miller: The Ivory Tower in Your Garden

You may be one of the poeple who have seen Dusty Miller growing somewhere, but had no clue as to what it was called. You might be calling it that silver or gray plant you saw as a border somewhere. Maybe you were just out in a public park and marveled at its stature there … Read more

How to Care for Fall Mums

Chrysanthemums are commonly seen during the late summer and fall months. It seems that I see lots of homes and gardens decorated in different colored mums along with scarecrows, pumpkins and other Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations. I also see a lot of colors of mums in home and garden stores and local nurseries more this … Read more

Best Materials for Building a Gazebo

Building a gazebo requires some thought in order to choose building materials that will fit your chosen location, size, weather conditions and the reason you want a gazebo in the first place. All of these things need to be considered in order to have a finished product that will last for years to come and … Read more